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To My Mother

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Aysweria Naathan IB SL English Y1 17-Oct-2006 To My Mother "To my mother" a poem written by George Barker is about a boy encouraging his mother to come out of her sorrows. The persona of this poem is encouraging his mother to fight her sorrows and overcome them because he has a lot of "faith" in her and also "loves" her. The message George Barker conveys through this poem is that we should not let our loved one in pain or sorrow but help them conquer over the sadness by showing affection and "love", and having "faith" in them. The poet successfully conveys his message through the use of a variety of poetic techniques such as; form, diction and imagery. The poem "To My Mother" is written in a specific from, which helps convey the message and the feelings of the mother across to the readers. This poem is a sonnet; it consists of fourteen lines which are pleasingly divided into an octave and a sestet, more like a Petrarchan or Italian sonnet. ...read more.


The iambic metre gives us a rhythm to read the poem, which also relates to the message and the mothers feelings. Normally when we feel sad, everything we do tends to be slow and at a steady pace, the iambic metre provides that steadiness in the reading. The metre also relates to the message, helping someone overcome their sorrows, the metre states the slow and sorrowful mind of the mother and the rhyme at the end of each line suggests the "love" and "faith" the son has toward the mother. By using the form of a Petrarchan or Italian sonnet the poet effectively state the message. Through the uses of effective diction and simile, George Barker communicates the emotions of the mother. In the octave word choices like, "most dear" suggests that this poem might indeed be a letter to some one. When I think of words like "most loved and most far", it seems to be a letter written to someone, who has died, and the boy is informing his mother status after their death. ...read more.


"Mourning into morning" these words are homophones; sounding the same concludes the poem, and also states the message, by expressing that the mother sorrows will end when there is a new beginning. One very effective simile, is describing his mother "like a mountain", this description not only describes the physical appearance but also the emotional capacity. A mountain is large and is a home to many living things, and the author to choose a mountain to describes is telling us that she is not only physically big but also is full of sorrow and sadness that, and the son needing the support of the mother, resembles the life in the mountains . George Barker uses metre, diction, rhyme, and simile; to illustrate the hidden message of his poem to his readers. The careful choice of word helps the readers successfully understand the emotions of the mother. The form of the poem helps the readers, feel the mother's sorrowfulness and the message from the poet; that we should help our loved one overcome pain and sorrow by loving them and having faith in them. ...read more.

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