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Truman Capote's non-fiction novel, In Cold Blood includes aspects of both types of narrative. The nonfiction aspect is told using accurate information

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In Cold Blood Essay Truman Capote's non-fiction novel, In Cold Blood includes aspects of both types of narrative. The non-fiction aspect is told using accurate information gathered by many means including interviews. On the other hand, there are times when the book is similar to a novel, with parts invented by Capote to help develop the plot the way he choose. The inclusion of both truth and invention help to create a more powerful work, one that leads the reader to question events as well as wonder what is true and what is not. In Cold Blood does not include a large amount of invention compared to most narratives in the novel category but there is enough to be significant. Capote had no way of knowing what the exact events of the Clutters' last day alive might have been. For example, he might have been able to find out that Mr. Clutter and Kenyon attended the 4H meeting, but not that Mr. Clutter had originally planned on taking Nancy. Another example of possible invention is when Nancy received the call from Mrs. Katz. Capote could not have known that ?barefoot, pajama-clad, Nancy scampered down the stairs? (p17). ...read more.


While writing the book, Capote would have been able to reference theses documents for exact accounts even though they were from years before, making the details of the book closer to the truth. It is known that Capote had a bias towards Perry therefore, the majority of his characterization depicts that he is a lovable person who just has some flaws. Aspects of that characterization might be the accurate truth but because Capote the author has the ability to manipulate what he includes, he leaves out what he personally might feel is not true, an example of that would be Perry's major flaws. Perry is rarely described as a violent murder, a possible reason for this could be Capote's perception of the truth which does not include that aspect of him. Another support for that argument is the fact that when the trials are taking place, Capote refers to Perry as Mr. Smith in context with the murders. An example of this would be, ?three more convictions for Hickock, and four for Smith? (p 307) The reasoning for this could be that Capote is disassociating the act from Perry as he does not feel he, the Perry that Capote was attached to, was involved. ...read more.


One problem with that passage is the fact that it could possibly be invented by Capote not an actual conversation between the pair. If this is the case, then there is nothing to support that Perry did not commit all of the murders as he also later confesses to being the sole executioner. My definition of truth makes it hard for me to believe many aspects of the narrative due to the amount of invention in the text, it is hard to determine what is evidence towards a statement and what is not. The inclusion of both truth and invention by Truman Capote in the non-fiction novel In Cold Blood makes it difficult for the reader to draw accurate conclusions due to the fact that not all parts of the text are able to be used as valid reasoning because of the possibility that it might not be the real events. Thus, the reader is left with many questions, which they hope will be answered later in the text. Capote uses invention in his favor to create a story with the aspects he wants. The same is done with truth, Capote leaves out or deemphasizes aspects that might deviate from the ideas he hopes to portray, as seen with characterization and plot. ...read more.

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