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Vietnam war

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Vietnam Research Project Introduction The Vietnam War was the longest and most unpopular war in American history, the toll they paid wasn't just monetary, it cost the people involved dearly physically and mentally. Causing suffering, sorrow, and national turmoil because of bad press meant that Americans were divided. Which is why this project will be split into questions, which means I can concentrate on one aspect of the Vietnam War at a time. I shall endeavour to delve into to these questions, answering as best I can (with the help of varied historical resources from the Internet, books etc). Which leads me on to tell you the aims of this project, which are: 1. To RESEARCH, SELECT and PRESENT information from a variety of historical sources: narrative accounts, maps, photos, eyewitness accounts; government documents, statistics, etc. 2. To make critical use of historical sources to answer specific historical questions. 3. To understand and be able to explain the causes, key features and consequences of the Vietnam War for America, and her status as a superpower. 4. To recognize and explain different interpretations of the conflict. Why did the USA become involved in Vietnam? Vietnam was originally a French colony, during the Second World War it was taken form the French, and consequently after WW2 it was returned to the French. Shortly after all this happened the French became locked in a struggle with a communist machine, the Vietminh (The Vietnam Revolutionary League). ...read more.


When the tunnels were found by US troops, they were often heavily 'booby-trapped'. The Viet Cong were soon found to be masters of setting 'booby-traps', using pits with sharpened stakes in them and mines to construct hundreds of various traps and security devices. Due to this fact, US soldiers were never able to relax, Even when the troops of the US were in city of Saigon it was possible to be attacked. To make matters even worse the Viet Cong were getting supplies from the North by the Ho Chi Minh trail, which ran all the way through Laos and Cambodia. The Soviet Union and China, communist countries sent up to 6000 tonnes of supply a day. President Kennedy ordered the building of (strategic towns) 'strategic hamlets', which were heavily defended villages that the South Vietnamese people were moved to. The main idea of these hamlets was to get them away from the Viet Cong; many didn't want to leave their villages so they naturally went to the Viet Cong. Operation Rolling Thunder led to the bombing of North Vietnam, which was in fact worse than anything that had been seen or experienced in WWII. The aim was to destroy military bases and equipment in the North of Vietnam, however in the North the aim was to destroy the Ho Chi Minh Trail\ supply line. ...read more.


All of these things were attempts to try and stop the Viet Cong from entering South Vietnam. After the US forces withdrew, negotiations between the USA and North Vietnam lasted for about 5 years. In 1973 a compromise was made, When the US fully withdrew their forces. Southern Vietnam defence was taken over by the ARVN (the Army of the Republic of Vietnam), which held out until May 1975. North was reunited with the South; when South Vietnam fell, Saigon was even renamed Ho Chi Minh City. Cambodia also succumbed to communism along with Laos. Consequences of the fighting in Vietnam were great… · Over 2000,000 innocents were killed. · 7000,000 tonnes of bombs were dropped on Vietnam (three times the amount that were dropped in W.W.II. · Large areas of countryside were ruined. · Vietnam went from a major exporter of rice, to a country that couldn't feed itself. · 2000,000 fled to escape hunger and the communist government. · Many traps were left, and still are there in many cases. · The suffering from the chemicals used is still being felt today. The war cost the USA a staggering $120,000,000,000; and damaged America's image very badly, leaving it with little of it's past prestige. Veterans (around 700,000) have suffered from psychological illness since returning to the US, the reason being they had to live in treacherous conditions always having to stay alert. The number of people who have killed themselves, out numbers the amount of people actually died in the fighting. ...read more.

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