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War in "Shoe Horn Sonata" by John Misto and "Grave of the fireflies" by Isao Takahata.

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?War can create hardships unknown by any other event? discuss this statement with reference to the shoehorn sonata and a related text. In the play the Shoe Horn sonata by John Misto reveals the complications that go hand in hand with war such themes of horror and survival along with loss. Both Bridie and Shelia show friendship to each other even when they disagreed they constantly remained symbols of support for each other help to get thru the war. These issues of war are similar to the anime film Grave of the fireflies by Isao Takahata with a brother and sister recently orphaned Seita and Setsuko struggle on their own at the end of World War 2. ...read more.


Therefor it is evident that the grave of the fireflies used distinctly visual techniques to represent the hardships of war. In the shoe horn sonata hardship is demonstrated with distinctively visual techniques such as projected images. In the play there are projected images of the evacuation of Singapore on the 13th of February 1942. Showing women and children boarding ships, clutching toys and waving goodbye unaware they would be victims of histories worst and least know massacre. This shows that the attack was unexpected and casts Bridie in a victim role. She is innocent and has no choice. This builds sympathy to their responder therefore making the audience aware of the hardships that come with war. ...read more.


?The lightest I got was exactly five stone? the visual images heighten the audiences understanding of the enormity of the issues the war had on them and how the women?s courage meant survival. Malnutrient is also an issue in the grave of the fireflies When Setsuko dies from Malnutrient the audience see her small-emaciated body with flies around it. This makes the audience feel remorse and it is evident that the hardships of war have taken the toll on this poor innocent girl similar to the shoehorn sonata. Additionally it is evident that the hardships of war are seen in the Shoehorn sonata and the grave of the fireflies as themes of war and friendship. Both of these themes are successfully translated to the audience with the important distinctly visual techniques used by John Misto and Isao Takahata ...read more.

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