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We are presented with an extract from Brian Doyles essay Joyas Voladoras, which concentrates on the different aspects of the heart, be it animal or human. Throughout the passage the author focuses on illustrating the importance of the role

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We are presented with an extract from Brian Doyle's essay "Joyas Voladoras", which concentrates on the different aspects of the "heart", be it animal or human. Throughout the passage the author focuses on illustrating the importance of the role of the heart for any living being, creating clear images with the persistent use of metaphors and comparative language and by switching from a physical aspect of the heart to its further psychological implications. The essay provides a number of distinctive approaches towards the idea of a heart, varying from a serious and scientific tone to a more colloquial one. The immediate start with a startling fact attracts the reader's attention as the passage is referring to something superlative, "the biggest heart in the world". The author cleverly includes specific details to back up previous speculations to maintain the essay's credibility which is seen throughout the entire passage as each assumption is followed by a known fact. Furthermore the author choses to compare the heart through the use of a simple simile to a room but then directly enhances this image by applying a metaphor in which the heart "is a room", easy for a child to walk through. ...read more.


Comparisons such as " it is waaaaay bigger than your car", allows the reader to see the whale in proportion to something well known. When we are told that the whale " drinks a hundred gallons of milk" and "gains two hundred pounds a day" is it easy to imagine the immensity of this creature through this accurate reference to quantitative measurements. We see that the author choses to illustrate the mystery of the blue whale through a contrast between a serious illustration of the whale's path to "unimaginable puberty" after which they appear to disappear and the humorous speculation about the little amount known of the whale's " spirituality, wars, stories, despairs, and arts of the blue whale". This idea of the whale being such a mysterious beast proves to be particularly paradoxical as it is placed right after a vivid description of the whale's colossal size. The middle paragraph can be considered a clever structural characteristic which serves as a transition from the accurate depiction of the physical features of the whale's heart and shifting to a more psychological and emotional aspect of the heart by insinuating that all living beings are united by their hearts, "we all churn inside". ...read more.


The author choses to finish the passage by tackling the fragility of the heart, portraying it as our personal little house that we struggle to re-enforce but "down it comes in an instant". This idea of having a weak and delicate heart proves to be particularly controversial to the very start of the passage where we are provided with a thorough account of the whale's immense and powerful heart which drives such an enormous creature through its life. In conclusion this passage provides the reader with two distinctive approaches to the heart, physical and emotional. The authors persistent jump from fact to speculation allows the reader to establish a stronger connection with the text which contributes to create the paradoxical image of the heart, appearing strong but merely being a fragile shelter for one's true emotions. The way that the author has been able to keep the image of the "house of a heart" serves to establish a connection between the two contrasting arguments exposed in the first and third paragraph of the text. ?? ?? ?? ?? Joyas Voladoras by Brian Doyle from The American Scholar Commentary- ...read more.

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