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While Cormac McCarthys novel All the Pretty Horses did have a sad plot, there was a clear and deep spiritual development in the main character, John Grady Cole.

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Jon Diakanwa AP English All the Pretty Horses Ending 3/7/12 Often people complain about an ending to a story being too sad or too happy, neglecting to acknowledge the conclusion of the moral development of the main characters. While Cormac McCarthy's novel All the Pretty Horses did have a sad plot, there was a clear and deep spiritual development in the main character, John Grady Cole. The book follows John through many trials and tribulations and through it all he learns and develops into a wiser man. At the end of the novel, John is left in distress morally and needs the reassurance of a town Judge to conclude his spiritual journey in the story. ...read more.


John expresses how he feels guilty for bringing pain to the lives of Alejandra and Blevins and for the life of the boy he killed in prison. The judge explained to him that what happened in the past is the past and for the most part he did the right thing. While this interaction did not immediately bring peace to John, it did allow him to get out his final feelings for the events before he could finally leave the land. This ending brought a conclusion to the spiritual development of John Grady in this book and also concluded the events which started in the first chapter in a cyclical manner. ...read more.


The book ends with John traveling west of Texas to find his country which is ironically similar to how the book began since now he is heading off into New Mexico, since the old one failed him. The ending to All the Pretty Horses will remain memorable not because of its happy ending but because of its conclusion to the development of its main character. The final chapter of the book brings John to reconcile with all the events which happened in the book and once this is completed, he is finally ready to move on to a new land. While its cyclic nature may have brought sorrow to the reader, the events of the book were well concluded in the best possible way. ...read more.

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