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"Wild Swans" Creative writing - My name is De-Hong, but you might recognize me as Bao Qin

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My name is De-Hong, but you might recognize me as Bao Qin, my former name. I am here to tell you my story and give you my perspective during the Kuomintang (KMT) and Chinese Communist Party (CCP) eras. I will be reflecting on one of the areas of interaction, specifically health and social education. I will go through my life starting with my childhood and ending with my middle-age years. I was born in spring 1931 in Yixian.[1] My father named me Bao Qin, which means ?Precious Zither.?[2] In my second year of school, when I was almost seven, I was chosen to present flowers to the emperor of Manchukuo, Pu Yi, and his wife. I was selected for two main reasons: I was the ?star pupil? of my class, and on my registration forms, I consistently put Machu as my nationality.[3] This was a choice I had to make because if I had put Chinese, I might have not have been treated with the fullest respect. ...read more.


The Kuomintang was in power for a short period of time. I liked them for a little while because they looked like a powerful army, but once I learned about the concubine system, I disliked them. I would never marry someone who couldn?t provide happiness and love; I would rather die.[6] I had been turning my back against the Kuomintang for a while, but the only substitute was the Communists. The Communists offered to halt the injustices toward women. Therefore, I joined up at age fifteen.[7] Not only was this the biggest choice of my life, but also this completely altered the way I thought and acted. I went from one side to another. My first job was to dispense literature written by Mao. I would have been killed if caught with the pamphlets. When I was distributing pamphlets, I saw that the Kuomintang had held an event while people were starving, freezing and dying in the streets.[8] This increased my devotion to the Communists. ...read more.


My husband wouldn?t allow me to ride in his jeep, use his hot water, or have my mother try and help me deliver because of my first miscarriage.[11] Within the CCP, there was a hierarchy and whoever had a higher ranking, had more privileges. My husband had privileges, but didn?t allow me to use his. I was forced to use self-criticism and I was considered ?bourgeois? which was daunting. This drastically altered the way I thought and acted. On top of this, I was vetoed from being granted a full party membership. I had a successful delivery and I don?t know why I made this decision, but I wouldn?t allow my daughter to call me mother. I was so mad and crazed ?racing toward socialism.?[12] My toughest times were during the anti rightist campaign because of all the accusations. It was determined that I had no KMT connections. I now live a happy life. ________________ [1] Page 36 [2] Page 29 [3] Page 62,63 [4] Page 70 [5] Page 76 [6] Page 80,83 [7] Page 93 [8] Page 96,98 [9] Page 56,61 [10] Page 125 [11] Page 142, 146, 163, 164 [12] Page 168,204 ...read more.

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