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Women At Point Zero Commentary

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Women at Point Zero - English Commentary This piece from Women at Point Zero is a really interesting and unique piece. These words that Firdaus speaks, tell so much about the reasons for her doings to the author and why she has decided to accept her death. They also make the reader feel sympathy in a different way and show a beginning of a very long conversation between Firdaus and the author. The impression that the reader gets of Firdaus from this extract is loneliness and never got to speak. The sentence that she starts with itself show an outlook of her life "Let me speak. Do not interrupt me." (1) She never had the chance to say what she wanted and today she wants to leave the world by telling her story. Firdaus never got a chance to feel good or proud about what she did about herself and accepts that today is when she feels the pride that she yearned for all her life, that is the reason she accepts the death. ...read more.


And so she always hid under her make up and kept on accepting everything without her really accepting it, but today she is proud and accepts her death with open arms. Throughout her life she puts her needs and desires away but today she lets it all out. She talks about the most -expensive make-up, my hair, that she used but this never made her feel better it always reminded her of the her real status. "Only my make-up, my hair, and my hair and my expensive shoes were upper -class'. With my secondary school certificate and suppressed desires I belonged to the 'middle class'. By birth I was lower class." (27 - 29) Towards the end of the extract she lets out the truth and reveals her true face. Diction in this extract is an important part as they all help in the story she tells "... earth fills me pride." - the word 'fills' is used has an empty space that needed to be filled and now with the choice and decision she made it fills that emptiness that she had all her life. ...read more.


" I hid my hear under layers of make -up" there were many layers not just one or two which means there was a lot of fear. The imagery shows her sadness in life and also the anger towards the men of the world - which is the tone of this piece of writing. This sets the atmosphere out for the reader and you can only hear Firdaus voice. To conclude I can say that Firdaus in this extract starts the story of her life in very open way as she lets the reader know how she feels in her first sentence which lasts three words long. There are so many things she gives the reader to take in and makes the reader question about her past and what happened that made her hate men so much! Lastly how she can be proud of going to get hanged soon, what was her crime? If she did so many bad things how could the people of the jail want her to live so much? She gets the readers side also in the argument. It is really interesting how the extract leaves with her telling the truth about her life and status (low). ?? ?? ?? ?? Sabiha F.Dewji 11S August 20, 2008 ...read more.

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