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Women in hos

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818 English 3 IB/ HN, Period 8 Kober 17 November 2010 Analysis of Allende's Use of Animals to Represent Women in The House of the Spirits In The House of the Spirits, author Isabel Allende illustrates the love, meekness, fierceness, spirit, and magic of her female characters by comparing them to animals. She uses creatures to transcend the power of words and plant an image in the reader's mind, not just of a girl, but a seal, snake, or bird. Allende's use of animal imagery helps the reader understand and empathize with the woman in question. She classifies her characters based on their most important personality traits and actions. Allende foreshadows Blanca Trueba's fate by using a horse. Blanca's primary purpose to further the plot in The House of the Spirits is to fall in love with Pedro Tercero and become pregnant with his child, Alba. Blanca's future intimacy with Pedro is foreshadowed by a sunrise she sees as she is walking to meet him. The imagery of "rays of light... cutting the peaks of the cordillera like thrusts of a saber," (Allende l45) ...read more.


However, when her skin is returned she can go back to the sea where she belongs; sadly, this often does not happen until she is pregnant with the child of her oppressor. The child may journey into the sea with his or her mother. Alba is raped multiple times while at the torture camp, however; when she is released she has the willpower to put the pain behind her and move forward. She, like the women/seal in the stories, is carrying a child. The mention of a seal earlier in the novel foreshadows Alba's future captivity, rape, pregnancy, and fortitude. Allende uses birds to represent Clara's personality and spirit, which are caged in her worldly body. She is constantly taking her caged friends with her wherever the Trueba's go. However, even before this, Clara was compared to a bird by Nana. She theorizes, "many children fly like birds, guess other people's dreams, and speak with ghosts, but that they all outgrow it when they lose their innocence" (15). This means that Clara will outgrow her clairvoyance. ...read more.


Pedro Segundo is visibly distraught at Clara' funeral, as he never was when his son got in trouble or ran away. The reader is never sure that Pedro is in love in Clara, but it is evident in his strong reaction at her funeral and in the fact that he quits his job when she leaves Tres Mar�as because "he can't imagine working there without Clara" (201). Pedro, as well as Esteban and Fer�la, who also loved Clara sexually, all are hurt by her. Clara's childhood dog, Barrab�s is know for having sex with a dog and then "leaving her to die in the courtyard of the house" (94). Clara and Barrab�s both hurt those who love them, although the love they receive is quite different. Allende characterizes Clara through Barrab�s as such a strong person that she overwhelms and destroys those who love her sexually. Allende uses animals to illustrate the different ways women use sex, just as she uses them to characterize, foreshadow, and create vivid metaphors. This choice causes the reader to visualize the very essence of the character. With clear symbolism and dramatic imagery, Allende underscores important characteristics and themes in the lives of her women with animals. ...read more.

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