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Wonderful Fool Essay

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Wonderful Fool Essay-Alwin 11A In order for one to surpass the role of a fool and be unique in the book Wonderful Fool, written by Shusaku Endo, one must be honest, generous and not retaliate with violence whenever they are attacked mentally and physically. Gaston, a traveling Frenchman that is obsessed with Japan is the only character which surpasses the role of a fool. Gaston's characteristics compromises more than a regular fool that is evident in other characters in the book, and he surpasses the attitude of a fool. He is portrayed as an innocent, redemptive and even Christ-liked figure. Gaston though, seems never to be bothered by his surroundings, which is completely new to him and can cause him or his companions to be in a tough and stressful situation. ...read more.


But, what makes Gaston surpasses the terms of a "fool" in these situations is that instead of revenge, he takes it as an experience and does not fight back to people that mock him. Gaston never discriminates a person and treat them differently than others. He treats every person, ranging from the ones who are nice to him such as Takamori, to ones that get annoyed with him, such as Tomoe and Endo the character equally. Gaston treats them with kindness and respect. He never gets mad at Tomoe and Endo, even though they both were bothered by Gaston's foolishness. Gaston also has a characteristic of trusting any person he met along the way in Japan, such as trusting the Sensei in Shibuya for a night's accommodation and fortune telling. ...read more.


While Gaston was foolish enough to express his feelings verbally without considering how would it impact the receiver of the message, he always sacrifices himself for others and do it with honesty. Gaston also won't ask anything in return for his actions; even a simple Japanese dish called Oden was enough for him for saving a prostitute from danger. His honesty and sacrifice supports the idea that Gaston is portrayed as Christ-like. In conclusion, Gaston indeed acts like a fool in the book. He is blinded in society and facing changes as he travels around Japan and meets different people along the way. Gaston's opinions are often ignored, but he overcomes people's attitude towards him by being kind, honest, trust and honesty. Gaston's treatment towards people is the factor the made him resembles the Christ and surpassing the position of a fool. ...read more.

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