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Works In Translation Reflective Statement on "A Doll's House".

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How was your understanding of cultural and contextual considerations of the work developed through the interactive oral? With further analysis of Henrik Ibsen?s controversial play, ?A Dolls House?, the difference between the culture and era of the play in contrast to modern day society becomes evident. Ibsen?s remarks on commercial hypocrisy and political expediency scandalized audiences of the time and it?s sometimes hard to understand why. During our interactive oral, there was a bout of ideas as to whether Nora was the good or bad woman in this situation. ...read more.


Women today need men as much as men need them, the roles have been reversed and a woman today can handle her own finances and expect to be morally accurate without the help of her spouse. For the most, the differences could be affiliated to the time and place. Norway was home to a conservative, morally strict, male dominated society at the time of Henrik Ibsen. Considering theatre was overpowered by fantastical plays through our interactive orals, it is clear that Ibsen's realistic plays were the first of their kind, which correlates to the reception it received. ...read more.


I suppose I found myself questioning my own morals. Was it wrong to believe Nora was right? Does she really have a moral obligation to her children and family before herself? I don?t know how society then could even expect that of her but then again, society then would probably find the practices of society today blasphemous. The interactive oral proved I wasn?t the only one who thought Nora did the right thing and it is important to read Ibsen?s play to realize that an outsider cannot comprehend the workings of a particular society without being a part of it. Word Count: 407 ...read more.

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