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WOrld Lit Essay- A man for all seansons and The crucible

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Date :4th march 2010 Name Grade : 11 ENGLISH ESSAY In spite the diversity of themes and ages often the outcome is a waste. On the basis of the two plays it is easy to infer about the outcome. We know that at the end the outcome tends to be waste. This includes deaths, wars, and lost hopes in the judiciary. The topic deals with the final outcome of the play where the result is not as per the expectation or requirement. referring to the play written by Robert bolt "A man for all seasons " and also the play written by Arthur miller "the crucible " we can easily justify that even though both the plays are from different ages and are based on different themes the outcome tends to be same i.e. waste . In both the plays waste is present but in the form of death and failure to archive the required goal. ...read more.


Waste is present in both the plays in a different manner but still it can be said to be similar as the outcome is not fruitful and vague . We can also say that even in the play Idipus which is about a boy who deals with his fate and works with bravery , earns a lot of fame and even respect . but at the end he ends up walking away from the kingdom with two fences poked in his eyes . the play shows the extreme level of falls thinking in the mind of the play , the king sends of his offspring to a jungle and later his own son kills the king and sleeps with his mother . The controversies and plots going through are mesmerizing but at the end the result is again waste as nothing fruitful is obtained and the ill effects of the characters is seen . ...read more.


as well as on the way the waste as a result is explained All the tree play have different themes , the first play "the crucible" deals with witchcraft as well as judiciary failure , whereas the second play deals with " moral values and believing in righteous " and the third play deals with the "ill fate " of a great person . Hence even though all of them are written in different ages , the final outcome is waste . we can also reason out the type of waste present and the intensity to which it is explained, for example "in the play " Idipus" , the fate of the main character is shown with severe problems and exaggeration is used .whereas in the play " The crucible" , the play ends with the character dying and the conspirator cannot be seen in the last scenes , hence the waste is not explained or talked about for long . Hence ,looking at this we can conclude that even if the ages and themes are different , most of the time the final outcome is waste . ...read more.

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