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World Lit.: Velociraptor

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Santiago Arroba World Lit. Paper Two: Imaginative Essay Fike High School, IB 1246 words WORLD LIT PAPER TWO: Imaginative Assignment: The work on which this assignment will be based: Frank Kafka's "The Metamorphosis" Rather than having Gregor turn into a cockroach, a docile but which represents his submissive character, I'll have Gregor turn into a more aggressive and dominant animal, a velociraptor, to analyze how this change will affect his character. The aspects or elements of the work that I intend to focus on are the change from peaceful bug to violent dinosaur. I intend to put Gregor through all the experiences he went through as a bug, rather this time he will be a ferocious animal. The purpose of this is to see how I can change the outcome and if this physical change will turn Gregor into a more dominant person. THE METAMORPHOSIS IF GREGOR HAD BECOME A VELOCIRAPTOR INSTEAD OF A COCKOROACH One morning upon awakening from agitated dreams Gregor Samsa found himself, in his bed, turned into a giant velociraptor!!! He lay on his scaly back and lifted his head upon his flexible snakelike neck. ...read more.


To be so in control, so secure, gave Gregor a sense of superiority. Rather than bending to the demands of those around him he was finally listening to the person that mattered: himself. He figured it was time to get out of bed and before he knew it he was on his feet. A mighty leap from on his back, through the air and onto his feet in just seconds after he had thought it. Remarkable. His long, sinuous tail balanced him. A cautious rap at the door tensed his muscles and his head immediately snapped towards the source of the sound. He smelled her-his mother-as never before. He could smell everything in the apartment actually. "Gregor," she called "are you alright dear?" "Mother..." he responded, not surprised to hear his voice matched how he felt. Secure, smooth and in control. "I have been turned, by means far beyond mine or your understanding, into a beast." He heard a sharp intake of breath across the door. She was worried about his voice, the same, yet different. "Gregor, let me in. You sound sick!" "I am not sick, mother, I'm calm, and that is the difference you hear." ...read more.


"Is that you?" He lowered his triangular head toward her. She lifted her hand warily and placed it on his snout. "Grete," he said again. "I must look horrible." "You look...different." "Mother and Father are scared." Suddenly something hard hit his back. He spun, growling, and accidently threw Grete back with his sweeping tail. There stood his father, a fruit basket in one hand and his other arm cocked back ready to launch another apple at him. "Stay away from my daughter! You won't eat her too!!" And he threw the apple. Gregor knew he needed to stay calm, or his father could very well become the victim rather than the attacker. So as he was pelted with fruit he scrambled back into his room and closed the door. "Grete!!" Yelled his father, as Gregor heard him run down the hall to where he knew she lay on the floor, dead, because of him. He walked over to the mirror and stared at himself until it was dark... Gregor Samsa, awakening from agitated dreams, found himself, on his bed, turned into...nothing. "Weird dream..." Gregor thought. "It felt so good to be so assertive though." As he turned over he saw that it was 4:00 A.M. "Perhaps one day, I'll learn how to be so confident, but for now, I have a train to catch." ...read more.

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