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World Literature Paper: Understanding Violence and Purpose in Lorca's "Blood Wedding".

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Henry Triniti Henry IB English III, Period 1 Mrs. Harrington 1/1/13 Understanding Violence and Purpose In generational society, violence is seen as the common thread that both tears people apart and holds them together. Citizens of the United States of America uniquely have the freedom of speech, press, and the pursuit of happiness. However, when one thinks of the pursuit of happiness, are wars, discrimination, and violence in general a part of that true happiness that should be pursued? The main goal of wars and discrimination is to take ownership of something not made to be owned whether it is land, a person, and/or a person?s goods. The pursuit of happiness is finding one?s own purpose in life, not taking someone else?s. Because of this, the true origin of violence is the action of not understanding one?s true purpose and the purpose of others. To find a purpose in life that unconsciously liberates others should be the true goal of humankind. This is exactly what the poet Federico Garcia Lorca did in his work of Blood Wedding and many other pieces of Spanish literature. Lorca was able to look past the violence and discrimination he faced in society and write literature that caused people to think differently in order to find their own purpose. ...read more.


Although he had conflictions, he followed his dream through to the end that was unfortunately his murder. From this point of view, a reader can compare Lorca with the bridegroom and contrast him with the bride of Blood Wedding. In comparing Lorca and the bridegroom, readers can see that they both had a passion for an aspect in life and sought to fulfill it at any cost. Unfortunately, in seeking to fulfill their goals, they both lost their lives at the hands of another. The bridegroom?s passion and goal was to marry the bride and mend the conflict between the two families. He also strived to love his bride although he was continuous rejected by her. However, neither of his goals was resolved because his death increased an already established conflict between his mother and the bride. The bride, in addition, continued to live in mourning because she knew that the bridegroom?s death was the consequence of her narrow minded actions. Because of complete isolation from society, the bride was cold-hearted and became exactly like her mother who ?didn?t love her husband? (Lorca, Act One Scene One, 39). She was raised by her father and her servant. ...read more.


He was shown love by his family and his servant that supported his endeavors. Because of his support system, Lorca saw life as a puzzle to be solved through his eternal words. With his words he developed stories that touched on the concept that life can never be fully accomplished unless people put aside our differences and look at the big picture. The lives of the bride and the mother of the bridegroom will never be fully accomplished because of their refusal to forgive and let go of the pass. Once it is learned that finding one?s true purpose is possible, people can learn to show the same unchanging love that the bridegroom showed to the bride. The bridegroom is the prime example of letting go of the past, finding purpose, and striving to achieve it. With this example given through Lorca?s words, there is a possibility that this world can reset the continuously decreasing understanding of each other and the continuously increasing violence from the lack of knowing purpose. There must be belief in purpose because ?if a person does not have anything in this world worth dying for he is not fit to live? (King). The bridegroom died following his purpose in life and in the end the bride, who did not have a purpose from the start, finally found hers after it was gone. ...read more.

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