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Write an essay to show the importance of secondary characters in Pygmalion

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...Write an essay to show the importance of secondary character in Pygmalion... Any work, project, product line can't be accomplished without the cooperation between all primary and secondary workers. Secondary characters are complementary for the primary character, to achieve a specific target or goal. This is why many project can successes or fail. Pygmalion is a comedy about a phonetics expert who, as a kind of social experiment, attempts to make a lady out of an uneducated Cockney flower-girl. The reaction of secondary character was important, and their role in conveying and make the idea of the play more clear for the readers. "What is middle class morality? Just an excuse for never giving me anything".Alfred Doolittle is a smooth-talking garbage man, a serial monogamist (although he's not always really married), a drunk, and a deadbeat dad. He's got a lot to say about "middle class morality" and complicated theories about the deserving and undeserving poor. He has principles, too, but they're not exactly conventional: he has no trouble milking five pounds from Higgins, but he doesn't want any more than that. ...read more.


In many ways, she's a traditional mother figure: she doesn't take any of her son's nonsense, and she does ask him why he hasn't married. At the same time, she knows a thing or two about being a woman in turn-of-the-century London, and she fears for Eliza's fate. After watching Eliza's performance at her little party, Mrs. Higgins tells it like it is to her son: Eliza's certainly a fine example of your art, she says, but you're just going to leave her in an awkward position. Eliza won't be able to support herself with the kind of skills you're giving her. MRS. HIGGINS. No, you two infinitely stupid male creatures: the problem of what is to be done with her afterwards. HIGGINS. I don't see anything in that. She can go her own way, with all the advantages I have given her. MRS. HIGGINS. The advantages of that poor woman who was here just now! The manners and habits that disqualify a fine lady from earning her own living without giving her a fine lady's income! Is that what you mean? ...read more.


There's not much romance to be found. Freddy's not exactly a heartthrob, though. When we first meet him he's running around looking for a cab...which he never finds. In Act 3, he mistakes Eliza's normal Cockney speech - the stuff about influenza and "doing in" - for "small talk." He thinks she's the bee's knees, and quickly falls in love with her. He wants to walk through the park with Eliza...but she'll have no such thing. Still, he leaves the party - and the play - in high spirits. If anything, Freddy shows us how unconventional Pygmalion really is. There's not much room for your standard love affair in there, not with all the heavy stuff. He's another bit of comic relief, and, as we see in the last act, blackmail material for Eliza To conclude, any work or project has main workers and secondary workers, who help them in completing the whole project. Any literary work can't be full and success without the role of the secondary character. They are like the final toughs of the work, who help in making the project or story idea clear for all readers. Bernard Shaw successfully achieved his purpose and makes his idea clear for all readers and audience by using different ways such as his secondary characters. ...read more.

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