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Written task <the glass menagerie> SCENE EIGHT This scene happens five years after Tom has left home, it is still memory.

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Written task <the glass menagerie> SCENE EIGHT This scene happens five years after Tom has left home, it is still memory. The interior is still poetic but the light is even dimmer than before. Due to the upheaval of Tom's escape, scenery for the Wingfield apartment has underwent some serious changes. At the rise of the curtain, the audience is still faced with the tiny apartment. The fire-escape shows rust and the walls are grey, filled with dark stains. The glass menagerie is widely spread. It is obvious that the collection has grown bigger. A buffalo glass figure sits on the table; it symbolizes hard work in deliberate motion, shining quietly in its prearranged position. Before Tom goes on stage, a large squeaking noise coming from the door is heard by the audience. Tom enters, dressed as a merchant sailor, looking young and energetic. He addresses the audience. TOM That day, there I went, back home. It is not that I really wanted to see how my family was going, I didn't have any regret about leaving home. ...read more.


Seventeen! That is a whole bunch of them! And then of course, I chose the wrong one, he lied to me, he used his mouse and his charm as a weapon to seduce me! How stupid I was to let myself be caught like a fish in a net. And now, nothing is left for me, how dreadful! Why is my life so pitiful? Laura, my poor Laura. We had had a gentleman caller for her, he was terribly in love with her. They liked each other. (count to 3) but then of course, he had to leave. He was a responsible young man, Laura is just a girl with bad luck, she is just like me. Then, there is Tom. Five years ago, he left. Another person who left me. I didn't receive any letter from him. Not even one saying 'Hello - good-bye!' with no address. Nothing. It is just as if he has evaporated, withdrawn from our little family to apprehend his dreams. It is good that he has ambitions. He loves us, he doesn't want to make us sad by reading letters that he has written to us. ...read more.


Do you want a cup of coffee while waiting for her? Coffee is good for health. Oh and I hope you don't smoke anymore, do you? Tom I still do, only a little bit, much less than before, thank you mother, but I can take care of myself. I'm sorry I'm running late, I need to go before the ship leaves the port. Please tell Laura I said hi, it is a shame that I didn't get to see her. It was very nice seeing you mother, I promise that I will come back to see you soon. Good-bye mother! Tom leaves the room hurriedly before Amanda has the time to say anything Amanda Good-bye Tom, my son. Light becomes dimmer. Tom reappears on stage, addressing to the audience. Tom That day, after I had left, I thought a lot. I will never forget mother's look on her face when she said 'So you're not staying? You're truly abandoning us?' I hope I didn't hurt her. I was glad to find out that Laura had found a job and was living a happy life. But I never had the courage to go back. Maybe, one day I might, who knows. ...read more.

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