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Written Task: The Kite Runner. A series of notes written by Sohrab to his father and mother.

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Tariq Ameer #116 Lang & Lit 1 13/10/2011 Written Task A series of notes written by Sohrab to his father and mother. Dear Baba and Mama, It has been 1,965 days since I have been here, but I am still having the same nightmare every time I close my eyes. I rarely sleep at night. The animal is moving his hand all over my body and I am crying silently; I start screaming for help but they all just look at me and start laughing. The only thing that gets me to sleep at night is the photo of you and I, the one you sent to Kaka Amir years ago. Kaka Amir and Khala Soraya are really kind to me. They treat me like their own son, and I respect them as if they were my parents. They give me nearly everything I ask for, and they are buying me a PS3 this Christmas and I am very excited. ...read more.


I've got used to the life in America and it is not as hard as it was when I first arrived. America is my watan and I will not return to Afghanistan even if the Taliban leave. To protect myself, I carry the slingshot with me wherever I go. I had to leave school because I was bullied my many students. I have been home schooled for 2 years now, and it is really fun. I have made lot friends at the park, but I have met my best friend Ahmed at the mosque. He is a really good kite runner and everyday when we finish namaz, we go to the beach and swim till we get tired. The beach and the ocean are the most beautiful things I have ever seen; I don't even know how I lived all these years without the ocean. My English writing and reading have improved significantly thanks to Khala Soraya. And one day I hope to be a great writer like Kaka Amir. ...read more.


Amir formed many charities to help fund the hospital and the orphanage. He travels around America to give speeches, and sometimes he takes me with him. Once I told the people in the conference what happened to me in Afghanistan, and many of them started crying. That day we raised a lot of money. I really miss you Baba and Mama, and so does Kaka Amir. I pray for you everyday, and that one day I will join you in heaven. I think you would both like it here in America. The oceans never end and every once in a while you look up and could see a rainbow. And the parks are filled with kids flying kites. I know you are not going to read this, but when I write these letters it feels like I'm talking you. I can't say everything in these letters, but I want you to know that I love you very much. In the end I just want to tell you that you don't have to worry about me; and I want to thank you for raising me up to be a good man. Sincerely your beloved son, Sohrab ...read more.

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