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Yet Another Poem About A Dying Child- Poetry Comentary

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Yet Another Poem About A Dying Child In poetry and in stories it is rarely the emotional suffering of the patient but the strain or hurt of those around them that is told. In ?Yet Another Poem About A Dying Child? Janet Frame attempts to make the point of view of the dying child understood to be different from that of the parent. She uses strong imagery to show the painful reality of life of the very sick child and the relief death offers from this pain. She uses metaphors of life and death, creating a contrast between the two, to help us understand this further. Her poem is not the view of ?Poets and parents? who are made to seem overly romantic and unrealistic (even the connotations of the word ?poet? are that of romanticism). Frame shows them as in denial. ...read more.


?murmuring? sounds a very peaceful word, it is soft sounding and makes you think of sleepiness and being tucked up in bed but they will not let him be peaceful, they talk over the top of him, trying to ?cure? him. By doing this they are destroying what peace he has for the sake of their own. Frame uses these impressions she gives to the reader to highlight the ridiculousness of their attempts to help him. This helps us understand how the views of the parents are so drastically different, so unrealistic, compared to that of the child and helps us sympathise with the child?s view. Frame helps us to understand the physical suffering of the child by describing how ?Pain spangles him like the sun?? ?spangles? is not a very poetic word, it sounds gaudy and festive, out of place in such a sombre poem. ...read more.


Death she describes as??the kind furred spider?with night-lamp eyes and soft tread to wrap him warm?? It is something that will carry him, he does not have to do anything but allow himself to be carried. Frame uses contrast between the reader?s natural reaction to spiders, one of disgust, with the dying child?s impression which favours the spider, using words associated with comfort (night-lamp, kind, furred, soft) to show us how, when life is such a struggle, death can appear so favourable. Janet Frame aims to show us how, while ?Poets and parents? may attempt to cover up this truth, life can be a burden for those in pain and death can be seen as a relief from this. She uses metaphors and strong imagery to help us understand this. caitlin b. ...read more.

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