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Should Melvin Burgess's controversial 'Junk' be kept on the curriculum?

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English Coursework - Should Melvin Burgess's controversial 'Junk' be kept on the curriculum? "Hello and good afternoon to you all. I would firstly like to introduce myself and explain why I am here. My name is Daisy Townsend, I'm a student in Year Ten at Brimsham Green - and I am here to convince you that 'Junk' should be kept on the curriculum for many reasons that I will be explaining. I will ask you only to listen with an open mind and then decide for yourselves as to whether Melvin Burgess's book should be kept for your children to read. 'Junk' is a fantastic book that touches your heart as you experience the consequences of drugs, underage sex and other issues like these that teenagers face. It shows how two na�ve teenagers can become easily caught up in the downward spiral that is drugs, as they realise exactly the mess that drugs has got them into. It is said by some that 'Junk' encourages the use of heroin and other drugs. ...read more.


Yes, 'Junk' shows the effects of drugs like no other book published. The novel does so easily. I myself - like many others - learned that drugs are truly awful things that can turn the nicest of characters into the complete opposite. Take Tar for example. Nicknamed because he constantly warned Gemma about the dangers of smoking cigarettes, we see him change from an honest, kind boy into a thieving, lying, unemotional heroin addict. 'Junk' doesn't make anyone want to take drugs - it makes you realise all the full penalties - like how drugs brings out the worst in everyone, how drugs such as heroin turn your life into an unbearable mess, how drugs take over your life and don't let go if we give them a chance. 'Junk' is a valuable learning experience, I can assure all of you. There are no doubts in mind that 'Junk' does anything other than remind readers of all the extreme consequences. Also, this was one book that even someone who dislikes reading will enjoy; I have seen that for myself. ...read more.


Sex, drugs, growing up - they may be controversial to some but to teenagers they're life and it's just how we choose to approach and deal with these. We need books that are informative about real life drug taking because where else are we expected to learn about such things? True, 'Junk' may cover some controversial issues, but it does so brilliantly and in a good way, by showing consequences, realistic situations and a touching story. These things are life, they happen and could happen to your children useless they understand the full consequences, just as 'Junk' will make teenagers realise the consequences. You've now listened to the facts. An award winning and well-written novel - that speaks for itself. And further more, 'Junk' encourages children to read, as it's so interesting to those that have read it. I can only see that the effects 'Junk' has on those who read it is positive. 'Junk' provides us with valuable learning experience, a fantastic read and a realistic and touching story. And I hope, that after listening to my point of view, you agree with me. Once again, thank you for listening." ...read more.

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