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The film "O Brother Where Art Thou?" was set during the depression-era Mississippi (1930). Life was very harsh, as it was during the depression-era. At the beginning of the film we see a gang of prisoners breaking rocks

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"O Brother Where Art Thou" Essay My name is Ulysses Everett. This is my story....I am in prison because of fraud, along with my two friends Delmar and Pete, who were convicted of stealing. I received information that my wife was going to marry another man. This made me very concerned and worried, so I had to convince my friends, to help me escape from prison. I told Delmar and Pete that we needed to find this treasure that was hidden in a land that will soon be flooded, but of course this is not the real reason. I only said this so they will come and follow me. The real reason why I wanted to escape from prison was because, I did not want my wife to marry another man, and so therefore it urged me to do something that would prevent the marriage from continuing. ...read more.


Along their Journey they meet many people, in particular a Blind railways man who predicts their future. Ulysses is also very slow to react to things. In the film Ulysses and Delmar meet a one-eyed monster, known as Big Dan Teague (Cyclops), who is selling them bibles. As Big-Dan Teague is known as a monster, he grabs a big branch off a tree and wacks Delmar across the head. It was here that showed Ulysses is very slow and can possibly have minor mental illness. Delmar is the sweet, but yet so stupid character in the film. Delmar's characteristic brings a lot of humour and entertainment throughout the film. Delmar maybe stupid at times, but he shows a lot of good qualities that make him a good man, despite that he is an escapee from prison. Delmar also tries to keep 'holy' and 'sinless' as he believes that his sins has been washed away, because he joined the water-baptism, and the pastor told him so. ...read more.


They sang the song "I am a man of constant sorrow." The three men earned money from the man who owned the studio. They then continued on with their journey to find what Everett so calls the buried treasure." Ulysses was a man that never gave up and strived to succeed in his quest to prevent his wife from being married to another man. The fact that Ulysses kept in his mind that his wife will be marrying another man, allowed him to not stop and win back what the real treasure, his wife and children. Though Ulysses may have seemed to be careless and prideful, there were many person qualities that made him a better person. As Ulysses was the leader amongst the two men, he learnt that life is very precious and must be looked after. Ulysses will always be known as a man of courage and perseverance. Despite all of the obstacles in life, he then wins at the end, and seeing that he has been cleared from all crimes, make him safer and less insecure. ...read more.

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