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There are four different types of authority these are: Y Authoritarian Y DictatorialY Consultative Y Participative I will now explain these different types of authority in detail

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Task 7: "Identify and explain four types of authority" There are four different types of authority these are: ? Authoritarian ? Dictatorial ? Consultative ? Participative I will now explain these different types of authority in detail. Authoritarian: In this type of authority the leader tells the group what has to be done and how to go on about it. An appropriate way to use this is when you have all the information you require for the task (there is nothing to discuss) but you have time limitations. This way of leadership is excellent to achieve your result. It gives the leader total power, which would be useful in the armed forces for example where personnel need to get used to not question orders. Positive and negative points about authoritarian: Positives: ? Can be effective in achieving task ? Improves discipline ? Time efficient Negatives: ? Cause resentment ? Could miss good ideas ? Low morale Dictatorial: This type of authority comes from a dictator; this term is at times wrongly used to refer to someone who is bossy or arrogant as a leader. A dictator has an un-restrained authority over people. Over history there have been many dictators such as, Augusto Pinochet, Sadam Hussein, Adolf Hitler, Stalin, or Mugabe. ...read more.


The authority of the leader is fully acknowledged Negatives ? Team may not trust the leader ? Team doesn't have a say onto what and how things are done ? The team may feel unappreciated, which could lead to having a negative attitude towards the situation/task/leader Coach: Positives ? Team is likely to have a positive attitude ? Team feel capable of completing the task and therefore they would put effort into their work ? Team feels appreciated Negatives ? Team may not have enough respect for the leader ? Team may see leader as an equal and not realize that the leader is a superior and therefore find it hard to follow instructions Laissez-Faire/Delegater: Positive ? Trust is placed upon the employers, which makes employers feel appreciated ? Leaders can assign different duties to the different team members ? Team members feel like they are give power ? Will make team members them want to show that they are worthy of the power that has been given to them Negative ? The task may not be completed, as it hasn't been monitored accurately ? The team may not be sure about the function they are supposed to carry out and which there responsibilities they have ? ...read more.


The review will also look at the bomb attacks on London on July 7 and 21, seeking to draw lessons from them. The two attacks will also be examined to provide "real-time" scenarios to help develop the best way to implement the policy. The policy which claimed Mr de Menezes's life is known as Operation Kratos. Senior officers who support the policy have privately said there is anxiety about whether using the tactic again would result in another innocent being killed. Mr de Menezes died on July 22 at Stockwell tube station after being mistaken for a suicide bomber. The case is under investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission. A string of blunders have emerged, including the white Brazilian man being misidentified as a black African terrorism suspect. Senior officers have met in the past month to learn early lessons from the Stockwell incident. Senior officers believe that the shoot to kill policy must be retained, but they have been discussing ways in which the risk of killing innocent people can be minimised. Part of the review will look at intelligence. The police source said: "In any firearms incident the most crucial bit is the intelligence you receive. One question is how much intelligence do you need to shoot to kill. What systems are available to check out the intelligence quickly?" ?? ?? ?? ?? Miriam Smith-Renieblas Discipline in the Public Services 1 ...read more.

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