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A biography of Ivan Stockenburg.

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My Story Mr Parker A biography of Ivan Stockenburg. It was when I was eight years old it happened. Life was better before the Germans invaded. I had a good family and I was being well educated at school. My mom and dad were at home when a bomb landed in the middle of the street. Some of the houses near the explosion caught on fire. Suddenly panic spread across the street, then across the city and then across the country. Ten minutes later my parents died of severe burns. I am very shocked, sad and disturbed that my parents died in the bombing. It made me realise just how important life is. ...read more.


Now I am in the orphanage I am being served food but in small rations because I broke into the orphanage. It is extremely hard living in the orphanage but there are other polish children here that I can talk to. Everyday I think it gets harder more buildings are getting destroyed and the less buildings there are the more chance of the orphanage getting destroyed. It is very scary and worrying and frustrating because the way that the wardens treat you it makes you feel like you want to die. But on the other side you want to live. In the orphanage it was strict. If it weren't the orphanage would be an undisciplined place. ...read more.


In the orphanage we had to clean the whole building. I thought that it was unfair but at the same time it does make us to be tidier people. Only eating potatoes and cabbage is boring. I think that it would a lot tastier to have different meals for dinner rather than just potatoes and cabbage. I personally think that the personal possessions rule is silly. We wouldn't have anything to remind us of our parents. But, if your possession was thrown out of the window, you wouldn't be very pleased. The warden is a mean and an unkind person. He treats us all like rubbish except the Germans because he was born in Germany. Just because I am Polish some of the Russians and the Germans pick on the Polish kids, but we stick together and stand our ground. By Ahron Asghar 7E ...read more.

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