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A Study of Accessibility for the Disabled.

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  • Essay length: 562 words
  • Submitted: 16/09/2003
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University Degree Architecture

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A Study of Accessibility for the Disabled


Disabled people find every day activities to be far more challenging than some one who is able bodied, for this reason various different systems have to be installed to aid their movement and accessibility. I am going to analyse the movement of the disabled around Liskeard town centre. Liskeard is situated in the south east of Cornwall and was built in the early 20th century. However the building has increased in size in correspondence with the increase in population.

There are several different types of system in place in Liskeard town centre for disabled people, visual, audio and modified buildings.


From my study of disabled systems in Liskeard, I will use my research to improve wheel chair access to Liskeard School & Community College. To analyse my research I will use the criteria of convenience & ease of use. In order to achieve my objective of improving disabled access in Liskeard School & Community College. I will need to research and account for the following.

* Ramps are installed to increase and aid accessibility to building entrances and routes where there

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