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"Doggy World Supermarket".

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Organizational Structure 1 Organizational Structure Paper "Doggy World Supermarket" Diane R. Easter-Brown Karebeth E. Bestwick Celestial Clinton Maricel Torres Cheryl Ireland Madiah Latif MGT 330 Management: Theory, Practices and Application Professor: Andre Sowunmi March 2, 2004 Organizational Structure 2 Abstract A number of decisions confront entrepreneurs during the early stages of their venture in coordinating, or bring to life a new business. The strategic plan and organizational structure of any new business venture will have a major impact on the eventual survival and growth of the organization. This paper will briefly illustrate the functional organizational structure and some of the key management decisions in building a hypothetical organization name "Doggy World Supermarket." Organizational Structure 3 Organizational Structure "Doggy World Supermarket" Introduction Organizational structure depends on the product to be developed. "Doggy World Supermarket" is built upon a functional organization structure. In a functional organization structure, the business is established according to a chain of command, and senior functional managers are responsible for allocating the resources of the organization and the responsibilities of the total product is not allocated to a single person. Coordination occurs through rules and procedures, detailed specifications, and shared traditions between the president and the board of directors. ...read more.


For the most part, there is a lack of customer focus, and there is a deep allegiance to the function than to the project, or the customer. In relating these issues to "Doggy World Supermarket", it is apparent that initially opening three stores will be very costly, time consuming, and may put an additional financial burden upon the company. Also, this decision may not be in the best interest of the overall project for the future and survival of the company. In addition, it is the strategic plan of "Doggy World Supermarket" to open its first store in Boston; this is a disadvantage in itself, because the hierarchical structure of starting a new business can cause communication, problem resolution and decision making to be slow. In addition, the company needs to re-think its strategies for advertising, distribution, offering free shipping and handling, and the additional cost of adding staff to run all three stores. Organizational Structure 7 It will become a big disadvantage to the organization to spend large amounts of dollars on unnecessary things, when its priority should resolve on customer service and satisfaction. ...read more.


This would allow us to see if the people that we are going to be hiring are right for these positions. By providing a battery of pre-employment tests or program-specific competency test, such as Medical assessments, and Drug testing, (Pearson, 2003). Human capital and people for an organization are the key elements to any successful organization. "Doggy World Supermarket" will invest in human assets, which means the people it will hire will be part of the effective architecture of our organization's mission. Human capital and the people of an organization go hand in hand. Our supermarket's organizational goals are just that to allocate our limited resources of time, money, people and human capital to the organization in support of our strategic plan. In conclusion, "Doggy World Supermarket" is built upon a functional organizational structure. The organizations structure of this company is built upon a chain of command, with each unit responding and supporting the goals, strategies and objectives of the other. All though a functional organizational structure has many advantages for a company, it does offer many disadvantages and its up to the management team to work through these advantages and disadvantages through proper planning, organizing, leading and controlling of the company. This step will help the company to improve business performance and make its organizational structure work more smoothly. ...read more.

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