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Evaluation and Design. Bexley College Tower campus wishes to relocate to a more centrally located site, maximising revenue from the sale of the existing site. This feasibility study aims to explore the possible solutions and identify the most feasible opt

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Ben Gregory HNC 1 2011 Evaluation and Design Table of contents Table of contents 2 Introduction 2 Project alternatives 3 Solution 1 - Tesco Extra Store 3 Solution 2 - Big Yellow Storage 3 Solution 3 - soft play centre 3 Solution 4 - Leisure Park 4 Conclusion 4 Legal 4 Financial 5 Project Brief 6 Objectives and scope of the project 7 Project team 7 Materials 7 Legal and Polices 7 References 7 Introduction Bexley College Tower campus wishes to relocate to a more centrally located site, maximising revenue from the sale of the existing site. This feasibility study aims to explore the possible solutions and identify the most feasible option for redevelopment, maximising the revenue raised by the sale of the land and existing structures. The site occupies 3.11 Ha and there are three interconnecting structures, along with small car parking facilities. The site is in a residential area, next door to a school. Project alternatives The possible solutions of this project are evaluated and compared by the following criteria a) potentials to maximise revenue for the sale of the site for the college; b) benefits to the local community c) ...read more.


For example, the consent may restrict the size of the proposed build which in turn would affect the value of the completed development. It is also possible that conditions relating to the quality of materials may be attached, which affects costs. Equally, the requirement to make contributions to the local authority, such as improved roads, drainage or other amenities may be enforced. This is commonly called 'planning gain'. Obviously, this all has an impact on the eventual profitability and financial viability of the project. In addition, local residents will have an opportunity to express their views on the development as part of the planning process. Any local opposition can make the planning process more prolonged, thus creating sometimes unexpected time delays and financial implications. However, this project already makes a contribution in the form of 73 low cost housing units. Early consultation shows that local residents are generally in favour of such a local amenity, and these factors are likely to improve chances of obtaining planning permission swiftly. Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (2003) highlights that fact that, in addition to planning permission, the build will also be subject to Building Regulations under the powers provided in the Building Act 1984. ...read more.


However, a smaller proportion could be short term funded, as it is intended that a proportion of the residential units would be offered for sale, and therefore, funding would only be needed for the period of design and build. Example of how much the flats would go for: Studio flats 20 £85,741 sale value £1,714,820 1 bedroom flats 30 £94,445 sale value £2,833,350 2 bedroom flats 22 £124,082 sale value £2,729,804 Total 72 £7,277,974 Project Brief Tesco extra Bexley College Tower Rd Objectives and scope of the project The project will take 2 years to build it will include 5900 sqm of retail space on two floors which will include supermarket, opticians, phone store, clothing, and electrical goods. There will need to be secure underground car parking for approximately 200 cars. There will need to be 73 one and two bedroom flats over not more than a further four floors. Project team The project team will consist of project manager, lawyers, financial advisors planning consultants, architects, engineers, surveyors, quantity surveyors, CDM co-ordinator and skilled contractors. Materials * Light weight steel * Glass * Timber * Concrete * Ash felt * Plaster Legal and Polices The design will need to meet the requirements of London Borough of Bexley planning department, Building Regulations 1984 and Construction, Design and Management Regulations (CDM) 2007. ...read more.

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