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Future Death.

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Future Death The city seemed hazy from up here, the extensive, swirling smog revealed the few meters in front of me that I could see, the rest was grey. The sky was filled with a perpetual darkness, only giving way to one small ghostly beam of piercing white moonlight Moving closer to the city, through the gates of fog, the ground had been scattered with shimmering neon lights. It was a fusion of bloody reds, jealous greens, screaming yellows and ambiguous purples all mixed into one gigantic glowing halo. I could feel the resonance of an aberrant sound approaching me like an echo thundering through a long forgotten chasm. The thin lines of the structural steel framed building were barely visible. On my palate I could taste the foul pollution from the latest so-called 'clean' automobiles. ...read more.


I turned and surveyed the scene before me. There was a smoke stained brick wall behind me, below me the reinforced concrete roof, cracking as I watched. I could hear a wrenching squeal of twisted metal to my left, then to the right of me and suddenly it was below me.... it was deafening silence. I took a few paces back to the wall again; I felt physically drained. I slumped against the wall with a dull thud. I drew in a short breath, I was tired. I felt strange. I couldn't keep my eyes open. I felt... then it happened, the supporting structure finally collapsed inwards. The back of my head was struck by the crumbling brickwork; the scarlet welled up out of my head. ...read more.


His hair was dark and matted, a tired look on his face. His clothing was ripped and his eyes were deeply set in his head, making them appear to glow with sinister intensity. He looked up at me and smiled an evil smile and I guessed what was about to happen. I turned away and ran down the dark alley, petrified, not caring where I went or how I got there. I didn't even know why I was running. I couldn't feel my feet, all I knew at that moment, is that I had to get out of there. As I ran I could hear the blood pounding in my brain. The feet behind me where beating rhythmically against the wet pavement like a heartbeat. I turned round the corner and came upon an old burnt-out apartment building. Shattered glass lay all around my feet; darkness seems to enfold the place. The sounds of the footsteps grew nearer, and I raced inside. ...read more.

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