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ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE, CULTURE AND MANAGEMENT STYLE An organisation needs a structure in order to achieve successfully its objectives. Businesses are structured

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C2 - ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE, CULTURE AND MANAGEMENT STYLE An organisation needs a structure in order to achieve successfully its objectives. Businesses are structured in different ways according to the way there operate and according to their culture. The structure of the business can affect the way it works and performs. An ideal structure will enable management to perform in the most effective way, whereas as unsuitable structure can lead to poor morale among employees. It is important for an organisation to have a clear mission and a unifying culture, which no organisation can let the culture to get in the way of change. Kenwood is also in the cultural environment, which is of constant change and development, indicating that they must keep up with the changes even if it means taking a risk, this is to keep their competitive advantage. They also needs to keep their employees happy, as they are what sell the business and satisfy the customers. As many people are anxious of changes, many of the long-term employees do not like changes in which they work. ...read more.


Advantages: * Having a matrix structure would aid Kenwood's communication level within the work force * There are narrow spans of control and more layers of authority means that they create a better management * This means that they will have more time to spend on their department, which suggest that Kenwood staff will be able to work better as other departments will be separate. Disadvantages: * Having so many levels of authority could cause decreases in the ability of decision-making, communication and morale. * This structure reduces the opportunities for promotion and higher status. * It also limit the opportunities for the development of future managers Kenwood has to ensure that their structure is well formed, this would mean that they will deal better with external factors effecting the organisation such as governments etc. Changes in the external environment will be dealt with and adjusted in a much more efficient way if Kenwood build solid structure and it is in place. In a fast changing environment where for example technology is changing quickly, the matrix structure that Kenwood has will help them to identify opportunities and threats and therefore change. ...read more.


A task culture is where people work in teams together to complete projects. This is the same as the matrix structure. All three things include co-operation between the people in the organisation so all three interrelate and work well together. As all three works well together it means the overall performance of the business is the best it can be. Everyone is working together, co-operating which means everyone is happy in their job which would make the products being produce would have a higher quality which would mean Kenwood would meet their objectives. Culture affects structure because the businesses attitude to workers affects it management style. For instant Kenwood has consultative leadership. This means that operatives are given the freedom to make their own decisions and use their initiative. Successful structures sustain success of Kenwood's vision, mission and goals. A successful structure assists employees in "getting the job done", helping them achieving goals set. Depending on the structure or type of structure will have an effect on the level of teamwork within an organisation. ...read more.

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