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University Degree: Planning

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  1. Free essay

    London 2012 Olympic Transport Strategy

    As this report is restricted to a maximum of 1000 words I will be limited in my expansion of some topics, however I will aim to discuss all the issues relevant to this topic. The Olympic Games is the largest sporting event to date and has provided a global platform for its hosts since the first modern games took place in Athens in 1896 although very small in comparison to the games as we know it today. The Seoul Games of 1988 reminded people of how the Olympics could be used as a vehicle for urban change, improving traffic management and environmental beautification.

    • Word count: 1374
  2. Business Park Planning

    Listed below are the calculations used to perform a residual valuation. Residual to Land Value GDV - Total Costs (cost and profit) = Residual Value Residual to Profit GDV - Total Costs = Developer's Profit When performing development appraisals it is important to remember that there are many variable factors that can influence the overall calculations. There are four main ones which will be looked at in regards to this particular site; estimation of rental value, building costs, professional fees and finance for the development.

    • Word count: 3492
  3. Risk Management

    * Based on previous experienced of the project manager, it is notable that mortar is a hazardous agent to our skin. * Thus, project manager will need to identified the likelihood of the risk occur and also the impact of potential risk. A qualitative risk analysis is used to evaluate the risk. Probability of occurrence High Low Impact High 1 3 Low 2 4 The risk is categorized in Grade 2 where the probability of occurrence is high but the impact is low.

    • Word count: 1495
  4. Built Heritage

    The skyscraper-perpendicular Gothic style, also used to great effect at Edinburgh's Scott Monument, encapsulates both the religious idealism and the civic confidence of late 19th century Scotland. It was formerly an independent university in its own right. The city council ruled last year that the iconic Marischal College should become the local authority's new headquarters by creating 16,000 square meters of new, modern office space in the building, over four floors. 2. Timeline 1593 year Marischal College was founded George Keith, Fourth Earl Marischal of Scotland.

    • Word count: 2937
  5. Disseratation on Energy Performance Certificates (EPC's)

    The European Union has introduced various measures in an attempt to meet the challenge of climate change. The Energy performance certificate is an initiative bought about from the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). The Directive was published in January 2003 and the overall objective was to: "promote the improvement of energy performance of buildings within the community taking into account outdoor climatic and local conditions, as well as indoor climate requirements and cost-effectiveness." (DIAG, 2006) For the EPC's to achieve this objective effectively the following need to be examined: * Methodology for calculating the energy performance of buildings.

    • Word count: 15243
  6. Design and Build procurement route

    � Project 3: New pits and team garages. � Project 4: Extension and upgrading of the racetrack. Donington Ventures Leisure Limited has engaged the services of Peter Marshall to advise on the best suited procurement options to pursue for the improvement of their race circuit. This report will provide argument for or against the design - build procurement route and a recommended alternative for the client use. The options listed on Table 13 (See Appendix I) was used as the back drop to assess the parameters associated with each procurement option that was recommended. The report will also advise Donington Ventures Leisure Limited on ways Value for Money can be attained using a traditional procurement route under Item 4.0 - Asphalt works to Donington Park Race Track.

    • Word count: 2543
  7. Case Study of the Local Public Inquiry (Planning) Process

    Before the Secretary of State decides the planning application a public inquiry is almost always held. Planning applications are normally called in where there are considered to be significant planning issues. For example, if the development conflicts with national planning policy, has wide scale effects or if it invokes regional or national controversy. In this instance, an issue which may lead to a public enquiry is the location for which the development is planned. One factor is the distance from the town center; Planning Policy Statement 6 outlines the Government's national policy of applying the sequential approach to site selection.

    • Word count: 1437
  8. Enviroment science

    This process leads to a list of recommendations and the development of an action plan aimed at correcting the points that do not meet the regulatory requirements or conform to the 'good practices' of the industry Form research I have gathered that materials that are used for environmental conformity must be as environmental friendly as they can be this logic is based on a broad range of contractors and I have based this information from a company called Vishay who promote developing new products and reducing the impact on the environment.

    • Word count: 2105
  9. selection of interal maetrial

    Good Acoustics is a must as to prevent sound travelling from outside and inside the classroom. Classroom Orientation As today's classroom and lecture rooms are made to seat a limited number of students but are always over stretched it is hard to see and hear the teacher giving the lesson. To minimize this I will have the table and chairs facing the north so that the natural light can come through the west and south walls. The classroom will also have a large interactive board which is much better then the traditional white boards as the teacher can use it to write on any where within the classroom.

    • Word count: 1958
  10. bradford council palanning and urban regeneration work placement report

    The metropolitan district is divided into areas referred to as 'wards' which range from 10,000 to 15,000 voters. There are 30 electoral wards and each ward elects three councillors. The population of the district is approximately 467,000 and has rural/urban split of 60/40. Bradford is a very diverse city with over 64 languages spoken. Bradford Council has a '2020 vision' for the district with key corporate initiatives including: - * Equality legislation * Equalities issues for staff * Bradford I - New IT system to maximise resources and promote communications between businesses.

    • Word count: 2859
  11. Free essay

    urban regeneration of bradfords city centre ,a case of little germany, dissertation outline.

    An interview will be conducted in order to find out what progression has been made. 4. To analyse and interpret the key driving force issues that face policy makers. I intend to analyse and investigate: * What are the existing problems with Bradford City Centre? * What is the current situation in regards to urban regeneration within documentation and guidance set by the LPA and private investors? * What planning policies have been cemented to achieve this ambitious aim?

    • Word count: 804
  12. Construction Contract Law

    It is therefore important that all of the issues are identified at an early stage and a case is firmly established, even before threatening to bring proceedings. The result of this will be that costs are front loaded and significant costs will be incurred at the beginning of the case. Whilst the usual rule is that the 'losing' party pays the costs of the successful party, it is unlikely that more than 50-70% of costs will be recoverable, and the successful party is still likely to have considerable legal costs if a dispute does not settle before trial.

    • Word count: 2972
  13. Building services - HK

    Plumbing System 2.1 System installed in my home/ domestic building 2.1.1 Cold Water Supply System Indirect water supply system is the type of water distribution system using in my domestic building. The roof water tank is installed to provide an adequate storage in the event of failure of government main. The indirect water supply system requires more pipework than the direct water supply system and therefore more expensive to install. The water supply pressure, however, is uniform and distribute to all floors.

    • Word count: 1293
  14. plastic limit tests

    The essential requirement is to reach the crumbling condition as a result of decreasing content. * Find the moisture content of each set of broken threads. The average moisture content is expressed as a whole number and is reported a plastic limit (WP) The plasticity index (IP) * The plasticity index (IP) of a soil is the difference between the liquid and plastic limits * IP = Wl - Wp Liquid limit test Test procedure * Select, prepare a mature specimen (over 24 hours) * Check apparatus * Mix and place sample into cup * Measure cone penetration * Measure moisture content * Repeat twice adding more water * Each time calculate a plot graph The cone penetration is the difference between R1 & R2 * Check the apparatus.

    • Word count: 946
  15. sustainable development

    Even though the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found the proposal to be environmentally acceptable subject to nine recommendations and a set of recommended environmental conditions, the proposal was rejected by the Minister for Environment. The Minister ruled that the proposal would have negative effects on Ningaloo Marine Park and water resources of the region. CCMD then put forward a second proposal which was also viewed as acceptable by the EPA but then rejected by the Premier of Western Australia Geoff Gallop.

    • Word count: 4803
  16. planning theory

    Procedural Theory There has been an emergence of three main streams of planning theory; the urban form debate, the procedural debate and the analytical debate. All theories have a basic foundation on the way in which planning is practiced and trying to understand what constitutes 'good planning' (Yiftachel 1991). The most relevant theory to urban sprawl at this point is procedural theory. Procedural theory is the characterisation of planning decision making, it is a focus on the decision making process.

    • Word count: 3496
  17. development control

    environment - to minimize traffic congestion - to protect developments from natural hazards Due to the limited scope of this essay, I will only focus on the first 3 issues in detail. Development to control to limit the outbreak of disease and to promote good health Development control has a short, but interesting history. Health and safety have always been the first justifications of land use planning. During the industrialization era in Britain, health issues dominated institutional concerns about cities as it had an impact on productivity, civil stability and national security (In 1910 in Manchester of the 11000 people that volunteered to join the army only 9% were considered to be fit enough)

    • Word count: 1574
  18. Construction Financial 2

    In 1994 the company was listed on the Main Board of Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE). From 1994 to 2000 Muhibbah was ventured into overseas market in Australia, Germany, Thailand and Sudan. In 2003 the company received International Achievement Award from Malaysian Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) for recognition of involvement in oversea projects. In 2006 Muhibbah entered into overseas market in Yemen. Today, Muhibbah stands firm in the various discipline of engineering construction; such as construction of building structures, airport facilities, marine works, oil and gas, bridges and roads including provision of Intelligent Transportation System.

    • Word count: 5220
  19. South East Queensland Regional Water Supply Strategy - Stage 2 Interim Report: identifying the alignment of the Strategy with the key principles of New Regionalism

    This growth means that the region receive approximately 1000 new habitants every week. Current growth trends are expected to continue into the future, and the regional population is estimated to reach almost 4 million by 2026 (Queensland Government, 2005). South East Queensland's future development will be heavily based on the South East Queensland Regional Plan, released in 2005. The regional plan covers the period from 2005 - 2026, with a formal review scheduled for 2010. The plan focuses on slowing development along the coast, in order to prevent creating a 200 km city, and instead aim for growth in the west, in particular around Springfield and Beaudesert (Queensland Government, 2005).

    • Word count: 3942
  20. people management

    This process of screening, short listing and selecting the best candidate out of the available applicants is termed as 'Selection'. Like all organisations, British Airways consider the good employees essential for success as they said: "British Airways places great emphasis on 'Investing in its people' (FactBook 2007: p36). British Airways views their employees different from other resources and use humanistic approach to manage them. These approaches are visible by the Human resource polices of the organisation. "A clear business case and strategy is in place and focuses on creating an inclusive culture that understands and respects the individual differences of our employees and customers."

    • Word count: 2100
  21. communication and leadership

    What is leadership? Leadership is process of influencing a group toward the achievement of goals, it is a balancing act, It requires communicating a compelling vision, convincing others to buy into that vision, and marshaling resources and talent to make it happen. Communication is essential to leadership Effective groups and teams are pertinent to organizational successes as much organizational work is completed by groups and teams rather than individuals. In any work environment, the ability to express one's opinion and feelings without disrupting harmony is fundamental to the long-term progress of the organization.

    • Word count: 860
  22. Contracts and Procurement

    There fore the design should be in such a way that the students should not get disturbed. The project should provide employment to around 35000 people suffering from the collapse of the coal mining and ship building industries in the past decade. The local community must be involved in the design of the building since their satisfaction with the project is most important. Procurement Strategy: The procurement strategy identifies the best way to achieve the best procurement route. The aim of procurement strategy is to achieve a balance between risk, control and funding for a project. The following factors are considered when forming a procurement strategy; Project Objective: The school should accommodate 1450 students and at the same time it should also be used to provide public access to resources such as library, sports hall etc.

    • Word count: 2657
  23. Value and Risk Management

    a total of 12 staffs. * Provide a work shop for high tech light manufacturing processes: i.e. a total of 15 staffs. * Provide the ability to receive visits from clients and potential clients for meetings and to tour the facility. The main stake holders included in the Value Management Study includes: Client, Project Manager, Value Manager, Quantity Surveyor, Architect, Structural Engineer etc. The Specific issues to be evaluated during the Value Management Study: Design of the project: The design team has to decide upon the design of the project such as the type of building to be constructed, interiors etc.

    • Word count: 2749
  24. Classroom design

    Interactive whiteboard has advanced the teaching and learning process in classrooms. It enhances efficiency and improves attention and information retention in the school environment. There should be laptops at each students work station and a master teaching laptop. This learning facility provides the ability to display students work on a large screen and send selected images and information to every student computer. Classrooms should be changed from isolated places to places which enable the access to high speed broadband internet connection facilitating access to a variety of learning resources and materials, interactive whiteboards linked to the Internet, with all students being able to operate the boards from their seats.

    • Word count: 3529
  25. Comfort Factors in Buildings

    There should be efficient lighting provided which is not rather bright, nor rather dull. Glare will be caused if there is a big bright source of light and will give occupiers visual discomfort and might cause visual disability. Efficient light is measured in lumens/m� or lux and generally described in terms of the illuminance which is the amount of light reaching a surface. A domestic 60W light bulb emits approximately 700 lumens. Different illuminance is required to do different tasks from moving around safely to do restoration work on a painting or using a sewing machine.

    • Word count: 3018

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