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Post-industrial Meccas and the phenomenon of urban exploration.

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  • Essay length: 5104 words
  • Submitted: 22/12/2003
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University Degree Architecture

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December 31st 1997 Buffalo New York State U.S.A

The grand plans for a Paris Boulevard stretching between Buffalo Central Station and Buffalo City Hall failed, and for the last 25 years the Rail Terminal stands empty. Still as imposing as it's nearest metaphysical neighbour, Grand Central in New York City, but a ghost of what it once must have been. Merciless scrap merchants and peddlers, together with the unwanted attention lavished by the vandals of a city in the midst of an industrial and economic post mortem have stripped the decaying monolith bare. The planned street stretches two miles out from the city centre and leads to an off axis asphalt plaza in front of the station. It is not a place we should be, even within the relative safety of an automobile. The only signs of life in the empty lots are the glowing oilcans, burning trash and warming a large but invisible homeless population. The street is deserted save for the shadows of a criminal element that are etched into the bare brick walls of abandoned townhouses and failing businesses. The plaza itself has more

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