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urban regeneration of bradfords city centre ,a case of little germany, dissertation outline.

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Urban regeneration of Bradford’s city centre: the case of Little Germany

Is it possible to reverse social, economic and environmental decay within Bradford City Centre in relation to urban renewal?


 This project will take an explorative approach to assess the role and understanding of the public private partnership of the planning system in context with effective urban renewal. Through the use of existing research and through the conduction of interviews and questionnaires the outcome of this project will provide guidelines to find out the main driving force for regenerating Bradford City Centre.


  1. The use of good literature will highlight the current problems within Bradford City Centre and give me a better understanding into the theory, policies and procedures needed towards urban regeneration.
  2. A questionnaire will be developed in order to find out the public and professional perception of the regeneration plan.
  3. An interview will be conducted in order to find out what progression has been made.
  4. To analyse and interpret the key driving force issues that face policy makers.

I intend to analyse and investigate:

  • What are the existing problems with Bradford City Centre?
  • What is the current situation in regards to urban regeneration within documentation and guidance set by the LPA and private investors?
  • What planning policies have been cemented to achieve this ambitious aim?
  • What current regeneration schemes are currently underway?
  • What flagship development schemes are currently being implemented?
  • What is current professional opinion of the proposed schemes?
  • What are the factors of prevention towards reaching this goal? Can they be overcome?


Urban regeneration is of growing importance for a city like Bradford. The City of Bradford’s economy is declining and therefore renewal of the urban fabric has to take place as there is a need transform areas of decline with redirection and investment.

  • Practical

The study intends to highlight the choices available for effective urban regeneration and how the integration of regeneration policies can lead towards an urban renaissance within Bradford City Centre and Little Germany.

  • Academic

While there are many academic journals and documents regarding the action plans for urban regeneration, there is limited information regarding public private partnership of urban renewal within Bradford City Centre.


  • The literature search

The literature review will assess the social, environmental and economic decay within the city centre. My research will outline the proposed policies and guidance available to find out the main driving force for regenerating Bradford City Centre

For the Little Germany case study area I intend to analyse the strengths, weaknesses and improvement opportunities and threats. The areas of investigation include-

  • Built environment.
  • Access and movement.
  • Property.
  • Image and identity.

National publications

Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (2006). The Government Urban White Paper. London: ODPM publication

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Regional literature

Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (2003). Sustainable communities in Yorkshire and the Humber. London: ODPM publication

Local publications

BMDC (2005) replacement Unitary Development Plan. Bradford:. BMDC publication

BMDC (2005). Bradford Centre regeneration masterplan. Bradford: BMDC publication

BMDC (2005). Bradford City Centre design guide. Bradford: BMDC publication

BMDC (2005). Channel neighbourhood development framework: Bradford. BMDC publication

BMDC (2005). Little Germany conservation area assessment: Bradford. BMDC publication

BMDC (2007). Bradford City Centre Area Action Plan - Bradford LDF. Bradford: BMDC publication


Adair, A. et al. (2004). Investment performance within urban regeneration locations. Various: Emeraldinsight.

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Methods of data collection

I intend to gather information through interviews directed at the key actor’s involved in the regeneration process of Bradford. A questionnaire will be directed at staff members of the Bradford’s planning and development control team.

The areas intend to investigate include -

  • Economy and work.
  • Transport
  • Waste and resources.
  • Physical restoration i.e. buildings and land use.
  • Townscape
  • Public open spaces
  • Community participation.

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