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Child Sexual Abuse - A Psychologist's Responsibilities

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  • Essay length: 2616 words
  • Submitted: 04/05/2004
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University Degree Clinical Psychology

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-Child Sexual Abuse-




Name: Penny Hayden

Student i.d: 2133799

Tutor: Colleen Respondek

Tutorial: Tuesday 6pm

Subject: Psyc 347


The pervasiveness of child sexual abuse in our society is becoming increasingly clear through an academic climate that no longer views this abuse as taboo. However, society at large seems reluctant to acknowledge let alone deal adequately with the issue. Psychologists, primarily because of the nature of their role, are continually faced with harrowing tales of child sexual abuse. As a group, psychologists cannot avoid the issue (Read, Kirsty, Argyle & Aderhold, 2003). Increasingly, research suggests that childhood sexual abuse places a person at a greater risk of a vast array of psychological problems. As a form of prevention psychologists play an important role in educating the public and providing current research (Paolucci, Genius & Vialato, 2001).

Child sexual abuse is one of the most pervasive social problems faced by our society (Edwards, George, Holden, Felitti, Anda, 2003). Its impact is profound not only because of the frequency with which it occurs, but also because of the substantial trauma brought to the lives of victims. Historically,

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