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describes the aims, objectives & Ownership of the Burnaston car Manufacturing plant, Toyota.

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The following section describes the aims, objectives & Ownership of the Burnaston car Manufacturing plant, Toyota. It will also describe the contributing factors to the location of the plant. The Burnaston car plant manufactures the Corolla & the Avensis. History In 1918, Sakichi Toyoda revolutionised the Japanese weaving industry by creating the worlds 1st automatic loom. The sale of this business helped to finance the start up of Toyota Motor Company, which produced their first car in 1937. Ownership Toyota PLC is a multinational corporation based in Japan & the UK operation of Toyota is part of Toyota Europe. The Toyoda Family, the founders of Toyota, are still the largest shareholders today whilst Toyota's shares are traded on the stock exchanges of Tokyo, New York & London. Unique to Japan is the 'Keiretsu Model' whereby large companies can buy into each other's stock. Which means a proportion of Toyota's shares is owned by banks and the larger business corporation. ...read more.


For this case, Toyota UK exports a high percentage of cars to the European market, therefore there aim is to create specialised product lines to suite & meet that demands of that market. > Ensuring customer satisfaction, which reflects on Price, Quality & the availability of the cars they produce is probably Toyota's main aim. If the customers aren't happy, then they simply won't buy. > 'Work in harmony' as Toyota put it, this means that Toyota works closely & effectively with local stakeholders involved in the business. These include employees, Suppliers & customers to the Burnaston Plant, trade unions & the central & local government. How Toyota UK Achieve there aims - Objectives > Meeting local targets of output, sales, productivity, quality, price & availability will contribute the help Toyota to achieve a 15% market share by 2010 essentially crowning Toyota has world Number One! > The Burnaston plant manufactures using TPS (Toyota Production System) ...read more.


This is done via Road links as the Toyota plant is adjacent to the A38 & the A50 which eventually link up to the M1 motorway. The A50 is a fairly new road & was initially built as part of the Toyota Burnaston development to improve transport times Toyota Burnaston is well served by the surrounding areas at providing a skilled work force. Places like Rolls Royce & Railway Engineering make derby an historic place for engineering. Also Toyota employs employees from places like Coventry, the centre of British car industry. The fact that Toyota Burnaston is located near suppliers & as a central overview on its customers, via Toyota dealerships which serves the UK market, makes Burnaston an inviting positive location. Also, Toyota's Engine manufacturing plant at Deeside is only 1 1/2 hours away by road. The reason why Toyota Burnaston was placed in the UK was to penetrate the UK & European Markets therefore, Toyota have strong Links with other Toyota operations in Europe. On map C, these operations are located. ?? ?? ?? ?? Toyota Burnaston 1F Case Study. ...read more.

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