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Managing People and Performance

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Assignment #2 Managing People and Performance Submitted to: Prof. N.M. Agrawal PGSEM 2005 Section B Names: Vikas Agarwal (2005115) I believe that everyone is born in this world for some specific purpose. Career in my sense is a path that a person takes to reach his final goal in life. For a career, it is important for everyone to identify one's current position and one's goal in life. Simply speaking, career is like a road and goal is like a destination. For example, If someone wants to go from IIM-B to Electronics City, he/she has to first understand his current location and his/her destination. Career identification in my sense is an ongoing process and one keeps on refining one's career based on his/her exposure in the world. Goal plays a very important role in framing someone's career. Sometime goals are very simple and people feel complacent after achieving them. Sometime goals are very difficult to achieve and people feel frustrated. It becomes very important to revise the goals once someone reaches near completion. Also the hard goals should be broken down into smaller and simpler milestones. ...read more.


Opportunity here means getting the chance to really perform. In our country, due to various reasons, does not get the proper chance to show their talent. It could be due to family restrictions and demands, it could be due to ignorance or it could be due to time factor. Current Situation: Current situation of a person is another factor in deciding the goal and career of a person. For example, it is very difficult to figure out the peak of a mountain if you are standing in the valley. Generally, people aim depending on their current situation in life and based on their success or failure in life they keep on revising their aim. Since the goal changes, career which is a way to reach at the goal, also changes. Advice from well wishers: Deciding the career and goal is one of the most complex decisions in the life. Career counseling from a professional is still in a very nascent stage in our country. Mostly, people look out for their family members, friends, and relatives for their career advice. It is most natural in such cases that people can choose the career that they can see and feel around them. ...read more.


This way a people neglects their internal self and keeps on running for something which takes them away from their internal self. * It gives rise to a tendency of show-off. People try to adapt and project something which is far from their internal self. Lack of Infrastructure: Lack of infrastructure is again a major issue in our country. People generally struggle to access the basic things itself. Lot of people doesn't get access to proper education, nutrition, water, medical facility, electricity, recreational facilities etc. Due to this our country is unable to utilize its human resources to its fullest extent. Conclusion: Career is a path followed by a person to reach his goal in life. Every individual born in this world is having a unique skill set. Therefore it is very important to identify the right goals and based on available options and opportunities coming up with the right career path to reach the goal. It is very important to set the intermediate milestones in career path. Career path can be reviewed and refined at each milestone. Once a goal is achieved, we need to revisit it. A life without a goal is like a ship going in the sea without any destination. "Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached." ...read more.

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