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Multicultural Paper. This paper will discuss how psychologists are encouraged to understand and to become knowledgeable about other cultures and their belief of the world. Psychologists are also advised to examine their selves when interacting with clien

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´╗┐Running head: MULTICULTURAL COMPETENCY PAPER Multicultural Competency Paper PSYCH 535 University of Phoenix Multicultural Multicultural has a major effect on our society; our world is made of different races, socioeconomic statuses, languages and cultures. According to Hall, (2010) multicultural is define as having multiple ways of viewing the world. The way a certain group look at something may not be what another group perceives it to be. Culture is how people look at their world, people first look at their culture in order to understand another culture. This paper will discuss how psychologists are encouraged to understand and to become knowledgeable about other cultures and their belief of the world. Psychologists are also advised to examine their selves when interacting with clients of different cultures. In American Psychological Association, (2003) ...read more.


Psychologists are advised to understand other cultures perspective and behavior towards life experiences. What biases, perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs might you hold about culturally different groups? Some of the biases, perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs that I held among Hispanics were that appear to have some African American features along with some characteristics and personality traits as African Americans. This was my perceptive of Hispanics for a long time. I still believe that both African Americans and Hispanics have some of the same personalities and similar appearances. I also observed about the Hispanic group is how close they are with their families. Hispanics are very close to their families and believe in helping each other in every situation. How might attitudes or perceptions influence your interaction with individuals who are culturally different from yourself? On my job I interview a lot of Hispanics who are seeking child support services. ...read more.


Some of my experiences with Hispanics are in school and on the job. On my job I find myself speaking some Spanish for just basic understanding. What are your strengths and weaknesses in interacting with culturally different individuals and how might you address shortcomings? Some of my strengths with interacting with any culturally different individuals are that I always remain respectful to the best of my ability. When dealing with culturally different clients at work I would always greet the individual by their last name. Some of my weaknesses are pronouncing their name. Most culturally people have names that are difficult to pronounce compared to Americans names. Some of the ways I would address my shortcomings when dealing with other cultures, is by studying and researching how different cultures view world. Reference American Psychological Association. (2003).Guidelines on multicultural education, training, research, practice, and organizational change for psychologists. American Psychologist, 58(5), 377. Hall, G.C.N. (2010). Multicultural psychology (2nd Ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson/Prentice Hall. ...read more.

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