Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD).

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Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) Written by: redman54321 Introduction: Multiple personalities is a dissociative condition in which an individual's personality is apparently split into two or more distinct sub-personalities, each of which may become dominant at different times. People with multiple personality disorder suffer from internal chaos, roller-coaster emotions and terrible memories. They also present confusing confusing and contradictory images to their family and friends. But in spite of all this, MPD is a treatable disorder. In theory, the developmental process behind MPD is a result of resorting to a mental escape from a traumatic situation. This is essentially achieved when neither fleeing nor fighting can be used as a defense option, which leads the individual to distance themselves from the incident to retain control. This distancing mechanism is characterized by detachment from the self or surroundings, excluding unwanted or unneeded feelings from awareness, and partial or total amnesia from the emotions associated with the traumatic event. In essence, this process allows the individual to separate the traumatic memories from ordinary consciousness to preserve some areas of healthy functioning. This entire process is referred to as dissociation.


This also allows each alter to become more independent. Multiple personality disorder is very rare and is only found in about one percent of the population. It is also believed that seven percent of the population has experienced at least some sort of dissociative disorder in their life. Certain feelings are common to people with multiple personalities. Most MPD individuals usually suffer from unreasonable fear, and this fear often evolves into terror. They also have large blocks of missing memories. Some symptoms of MPD are depression, anxiety, excessive compulsive behaviour, seizures, epilepsy, blackouts, headaches, and fatigue. Multiple Personalities is not just one disorder, but is made up of many different dissociative disorders. Treatment: There is no real cure for multiple personality disorder, the only treatment is forcing the repression of the alter personalities. The first step in treating this disorder is to find a psychotherapist who is familiar with dissociative disorders and who has taken special training in MPD. You should also call the ISSMP&D (International Society for the Study of Multiple Personality & Dissociation) to help you find a competent professional to help treat your MPD.


One by one, the different alters will learn through observation and experience that they will be more productive and self-directed once they have gone through the process of fusion. Fusion does not always occur, alters may wish not to fuse and stay single, but the alter be in a state less than an MPD alter. A real fusion will last a minimum of three months, and individual alters will not be reachable by hypnosis. The patient will also no longer hear separate voices inside. But sometimes fusions do not last and the alters break away and become a separate personality once again. Post-Fusion Therapy: If the fusion holds, you must now learn how to function in the world as a single, and as a newly formed personality. This process can be very confusing and patients may find themselves becoming MPD again. Because of this, this stage must last at least a year. Therapy for MPD is not mysterious, it helps to bring a clearer understanding to the patient to help them on their journey to wholeness.

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