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Should vivisection be banned in Britain ?

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Should vivisection be banned in Britain ? What is vivisection? Vivisection is the testing of products and cosmetics on live animals. In this essay I will be explaining the for and against of vivisection. Many people have no idea of the cruelty that is involved in this certain treatment. Animals such as cats have weights dropped on there backs. This is so there backs brake and they can try and find a cure for the pain. Likewise they make dogs smoke until there lungs are black. Just so that they can find a cure for lung cancer. Scientist argue that it is necessary for the medicines because there is so many people suffering from cancer, aids and many other illness'. ...read more.


Although research is only carried out for necessary treatment. But still over 6 million experiment are taken each year. Labs will not give out there results because they try to make as much money as possible. Many illnesses are preventative but they still experiments are carried out. Latest research shows that they experiment are carried out on rats and mice. Animal rights groups believe that they have feelings too. Why should they suffer for us? The scientists say that the animals are treated well and not harmed. Furthermore if they are so well treated why put so many healthy animals down and give deliberate illnesses and injuries? ...read more.


Although labs say that all drugs have been tested on well but sometimes research has gone wrong. For example the thaliamide drug was safe on animals but caused deformity in babies. Another test carried out found that penicillin was ok for use on humans but it killed guinea pigs. In conclusion, I think that vivisection is cruel and evil and kills poor animals for the sake of us. Likewise evidence shows that it doesn't always work. Over all you have to choose what you believe in. I hoped you all enjoyed reading my essay. I feel very strongly against vivisection, and I'm sure you do too. If you have any further questions, or you want to know anything else, please do not hesitate to ask for further information. ...read more.

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