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The scale and Significance of the leisure and recreation industry.

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Assignment 1; The scale and Significance of the leisure and recreation industry. A) Consumer Spending: Consumer spending on the leisure has risen since the 1970s dramatically in actual fact it has risen since 1971 to 1996 by 95 per cent. Britain has finally entered the leisure age. Spending on leisure goods and services has for the first time replaced out lay on food, housing or any other single element of the weekly family budget. According to the office for the national statistics. the figures that were produced on the 10th of November 1999 show that �60 a week was spent on leisure which is �3 more then 3 years ago, the closest behind this is the spending on food and none-alcoholic drinks running at �59 a week and housing at �57 a week. The consumer spending is widely varied in the leisure and recreation industry. The definition of leisure is the time that an individual sets aside for activities or pastimes out side work or other necessities such a sleeping. The definition of recreation is the type of activities undertaken for enjoyment or relaxation during a person's leisure time.leasiur3 can be a number of things like reading, sport, cinema, going to the pub, or just hobbies in general below shows the money spent on some leisure activities in 1993 and 2003 in billions of pounds. Activity 1993 2003 Reading �5.34 �6.65 Home and Entertaining �10.85 �18.06 House and garden �7.57 �13.07 Hobbies and pastimes �5.79 �8.76 Total Home-Based Leisure �29.55 �46.53 Activity 1993 2003 Eating and drinking �22.25 �39.54 Local Entertaining �2.95 �5.05 Gambling �3.45 �7.45 Active Sport �4.40 �6.67 Holidays in the UK and sight seeing �7.34 �10.88 Holidays overseas �13.65 �29.23 Total away-from-home leisure �78.43 �132.59 2003 2004 2004Total all leisure spending �107.99 �179.12 Assignment 2 The development of the leisure and recreation industry Socio-economic and technological developments , together with changing consumer needs have combined to produce today's huge consumer demand for leisure and recreation products and services this is down to many different factors which are explained below. ...read more.


Arts and Entertainment Heritage sports and physical Attractions education UK LEISURE AND RECREATION INDUSTRY Countryside Recreation catering Home based Leisure The industry is so diverse, so I will diverse the most significant areas of the activity into key components and explain them. Arts and entertainment This component of the leisure and recreation industry covers a very broad range of activities, from pubs and social clubs to museums and art galleries. Facility Sectors Examples Cinema Private Virgin cinemas, UCI Theatres and concert halls Private, public London palladium, barbican centre Museums and art galleries Private, public and voluntary Madame Tussauds, British museum Pubs and clubs Mainly private Yates wine lodge, Mecca bingo halls Theme and leisure parks Private Alton towers, Lego land Windsor libraries Mainly public Local authorities, county councils The art in art and entertainment is the art side of things this includes cinema, theatres and concert halls and museums and art galleries, The Cinemas population was at its peak in 1946 when 1,600 million tickets were sold however by this number had fallen to only 53 million this was mainly due to the developments of televisions. However since the 1980s there has been an increasing cinema attendance with 145 million visits in the year 1999 one of the main reasons for this growth was the introduction of large multi-screens to watch your desired film on. Theatres and concert halls - theatres and other venues for live performances are often heavily subsidised by the public sector. The main national companies are - the royal national theatre on London's south bank, the royal Shakespeare Company and the royal opera and ballet, Covent Garden - all receive funding from the arts council of England. The society of London theatre estimates that in 1998 west end attracted a total of 11.9 million attendances from over 16,000 performances, generating receipts of �257.9 million. Museums and art galleries - Millions of people visit museums and art galleries in the UK every year, museums and art galleries can be run by private, public and voluntary sectors although most are mainly publicly owned. ...read more.


first get into the industry then once you have been init a number of years you can star up on your own and earn anything from 30,000 and above a year as you can charge your own hourly rates which could be from 10-20 pound an hour. Why I would be suitable for the type of job stated, personal fitness instructor. A personal fitness trainer is a very important job in today's society with so many people going to the gym in the last phew years and the industry is only going to grow. A personal fitness instructor involves training people in aerobics, keep fit, weight training, and other forms of exercise at privately run health and fitness centres and local authority sport centres. Their work includes assessing clients' fitness when they arrive at the centre and developing a programme of training that is neither too easy nor too demanding. They must be aware of the health and safety aspects of different forms of exercise and prevent clients from injuring themselves by working too hard or using faulty techniques. I feel that this job would benefit me as I have always done sports even from an early age and I have always been good at sports and I feel that teaching people would be a great job as you could also work with them and keep them in shape along with yourself .it would also be great to train with someone and change there lives and see them lose weight and get fit and it would be all down to you the trainer. I would be good for this job as I am very sociable and I know a lot about fitness and sports as I have did G.C.S.E. PE and got an A in it and I am now completing a 2 year a/level PE course in which when completed I plain to go to university to sports studies I then plan to go into the personal training industry. Ryan McAllister Unit 1 ...read more.

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