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A critical evaluation of the impact of customer relationship management on customer satisfaction with Barclay's bank in Woolwich.

Extracts from this document...


A critical evaluation of the impact of customer relationship management on customer satisfaction ? Barclay bank (Woolwich) ________________ Table of Contents Chapter One Introduction 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Background to the research context 1.3 Research Aim 1.4 Research Questions 1.5 Research Objectives 1.6 Hypothesis developed 1.7 Purpose/ significance of the study Summary Chapter Two Literature Review Introduction 2.1 Customer Relationship Management 2.2 Traditional Vs Contemporary Marketing and Customer Relationship Management 2.3 Customer Relationship Practice in Banking Sector 2.4 Technology and Customer Relationship Management Banking Sector 2.5 Commonly found Customer Relations practice in banking Sector 2.6 Customer Relations Management Dimensions for the banking sector 2.7 Customer Relationship Management Initiatives of Barclays Bank during the recent years 2.8 Customer Relations Management (CRM)Solutions being provided by the company 2.9 Overview of the Secondary information Conclusion Chapter Three Research Methodology 3.0 Introduction 3.1 Research Design 3.2 Research Philosophy 3.3 Research Approach 3.4 Research Strategy 3.5 Data Collection Sample Conclusion Chapter Four Reporting of the findings 4.0 Introduction 4.2 Findings Chapter 5 Analysis and discussion 5.0 Introduction 5.1 Analysis of findings 5.2 Discussion Chapter 6 Conclusion and recommendations 6.0 Introduction 6.1 Conclusion 6.2 Recommendations References Book Reference Web References List of figures Page number Figure 4.1: Gender distribution Figure 4.2: Occupation Figure 4.3: Tenure of the service Figure 4.4: Type of accounts Figure 4.5: frequency Figure 4.6: family involvement Figure 4.7: Easiness Figure 4.8: problems Figure 4.9: Repetition of data Figure 4.10: technology Figure 4.11: updates Figure 4.12: free from physical visits Figure 4.13: customer service Figure 4.14: competition Figure 4.14: recommendation Figure 4.15: satisfaction Figure 4.16: professionalism ________________ Chapter One Introduction 1.1 Introduction This chapter will present the research objective, questions and the hypotheses that were set in order to analyse the research context. The topic that has been selected for this research would be the evaluation of the impact of customer relationship management on customer satisfaction at Barclays Bank with specific focus on the Woolwich area. ...read more.


Under this particular approach the researcher will be able to test the given hypotheses and then to ensure whether there is any sort of relationship between the key selected variables; customer relationship management and the customer satisfaction level. 3.4 Research Strategy The researcher, once the research approach has been selected then the research strategy has to be selected. Research strategy will show how the research methodology would be put in to action. There are several different research strategies that can be used by the researcher and these may include a wide range of methods such as case studies, survey, experiment, ground research, action research, ethnography as well as archival research work. As per the explanation of Robson (2002) research strategy will show how the researcher is striving to systematically solve the research questions by effective data collection and analysis methods. Since this research work is based on a more quantitative approach the research must opt for a research strategy such as survey and interviews. It will make it easy for the researcher to get more relevant information from the customers if the research is featuring a well ? composed interview and/ or survey questionnaires. Further since this is more specifically related to the customers? opinions the use of case studies and observations will provide less reliable and effective information and results. 3.5 Data Collection There are two types of data and information that has to be considered while preparing for the research work. They are primary and secondary sources of information. As per the analysis of Saunders et al (2009) there are several types of sources of information that a researcher can use in his/ her research project. Under primary research information sources the researcher is attempting to collect information directly from the sources on his/ her own. Primary information can be collected from interviews, questionnaires, observation etc. Primary information is a good source of feedback of the respondents. ...read more.


* Development of the existing practices in providing easy and convenient banking service should be strengthening by addressing the needs of culturally diverse clients. In order to succeed in this case, the bank employees especially who are at the front desks can be provided cross cultural training programs which assist them to deal with cultural diverse clients effectively to ensure high level of customer service. References Book Reference Berry, M.J.A. and Linoff G.S., (2000), Mastering Data Mining: The Art and Science of Customer Relationship Management, John Wiley & Sons, Inc Beckett-Camarata, E.J., Camarata, M.R., Barker, R.T., (1998), Integrating Internal and External Customer Relationships Through Relationship Management: A Strategic Response to a Changing Global Environment, Journal of Business Research, 41, 71 81 Easterby-Smith, M., Thorpe, R, and Lowe, A., (2001), Management Research- An Introduction 2nd edn, Sage, London Gill, J., and Johnson, P. (2002), Research Methods for Managers, 3rd Edition, London: Sage Lancaster, G. (2005), Research Methods in Management, Oxford: Elsevier Butterworth Heinemann Lindgreen, A., and M. Antioco. 2005, ?Customer relationship management: the case of a European bank.? Marketing Intelligence and Planning 23(2): 136-154 Mohsan, F., Nawaz, M. M., Khan, M. S., Shaukat, Z., &Aslam, N. (2011), Impact of Customer Satisfaction on Customer Loyalty and Intentions to Switch: Evidence from Banking Sector of Pakistan, International Journal of Business and Social Science, 2(16), 230-245 Mihelis, G., Grigoroudis, E., Siskos, Y., Politis, Y., &Malandrakis, Y., (2001),Customer Satisfaction Measurement in the Private Bank Sector, European Journal of Operational Research, 347-360 Nguyen, B. &Mutum, D. S. (2012), A review of customer relationship management: successes, advances, pitfalls and futures, Business Process Management Journal, 18 (3). 400-419 Piskar F., Faganel A. (2009), A successful CRM Implementation Project in a Service Company: Case Study. Organizacija, Vol: 42, pp. 199-208 Robert-Phelps, G.. (2001). Customer Relationship Management: How to turn a good business into a great one, London: Thorogood Publishing Ltd. Robson, C. (2002), Real World Research: A resource for social scientists and practitioner- researchers, 2nd edition, Oxford: Blackwell. Saunders, M, Lewis, P., and Thornhill, A. ...read more.

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