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Academic Skills

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Q: - What are the academic skills you need to develop in order to succeed on your course and which of these are particularly important in a group research project such as the one you have carried out? What did your participation in the group project teach you about the importance of these academic skills and what did you learn about the topic you studied To succeed in any course you need to have effective learning techniques and academic skills that will help you succeed. Learning techniques refers to "integrations of knowledge with self, where knowledge is defined and helps define self"1.It require a person to follow six simple steps of gathering information, recording them, organising them, making sense of them, remembering them and using them in presentation or essays etc. This brings out the point of how a person can understand and achieve the six simple steps to succeed in the course, that will require a person to have academic skills meaning having the ability to learn how to be an effective learner in areas like research, critical thinking and organising. ...read more.


This meant the dynamics of group working came into practice, which is very different from independent study and requires different academic skills. The five key academic skills involved in-group work will include research, organising, communication and good presentation skills that will include IT skills. Like how to use PowerPoint. That I felt had good knowledge and experience in and as my self-evaluation of type of leaner I am, showed that I am "Audioraty learner" and group work is about communication, researching and taking ideas and conducting in a professional manner. My experience in group work has showed that there are many problem that accompany group work that is" people don't pull there weight and one person who don't turn up leaving other person to complete the task"4. There are problem's with time management as some people might not attend time set because of other commitment and lack of commitment towards the task resulting in people not doing what was given to them, this is a big de-motivation factor in group as it pulls the whole group down and effects work. ...read more.


What I learnt in group work with my colleagues while preparing for presentation that people who have good decision making skills will set a vision of what need to accomplished and setting a structure of how should we aim to achieve it. This part involves being good at making decisions, as it is very crucial part in-group work and a good academic skill to have. This motivates other to decisions rather then leaving it to the end, as it help's set a goal to aim for. There are also couple of skills that are crucial they include setting prioritise, communicating between colleague and inter personal skills. For example giving constructive criticism like our group did when we were carrying out presentation to each other. The topic provided insight provided people thought joining Euro is bad for our country because of the cost involved. The effect will have on our economy and what sterling means to the British people, which is a sign of pride and taking that away is like taking a piece of you. So we came to the conclusion after intensive research that we as a group are against UK join the Euro as risk out way the benefits. ...read more.

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