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An Audit of Edexcel Foundation Using a Resource Based Model of Strategic Human Resource Management.

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AN AUDIT OF EDEXCEL FOUNDATION USING A RESOURCE BASED MODEL OF STRATEGIC HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT NAME: OLAYINKA OJIKUTU NO. 01024534 MODULE: HUMAN RESOURCE STRATEGY MODULE NO: OE22P 1.0 INTRODUCTION At the heart of human resources management lies the need to establish a linkage between Business Strategy and a Strategic Human Resources Management (SHRM). This is based on the argument organisational and personnel structures and systems should be designed to support or "fit" the strategy of the organisation, along with employee management system that creates commitment to organisational goals will lead to organisational performance. (Mabey, Salaman et al, 1998). Wright and McMahan (1999) have defined SHRM as the pattern of planed human resource deployments and activities intended to enable an organisation achieve its current and future goals and business needs within its external and internal environment. Authors like Hendry and Pettigrew have pointed out the need to move from prescriptive theorising and armchair exercise to empirical analysis of the connections between SHRM and corporate strategy where matching is not the issue but a sensitivity to to the opportunities and constrains afforded for the development of HRM that emerge from complex patterns of strategic and structural change.(cited in Legge,1995). This essay seeks to audit Edexcel Foundation against the resource-based view (RBV) of strategic human resource management (SHRM) on issues of strategy, structure, culture, selection, training and development. 1.1 Edexcel Foundation Edexcel Foundation is one of the leading examining and awarding bodies in the UK. ...read more.


A large bulk of staff that actually provide the core services are outsourced leaving internal permanent staffs to provide coordination duties. The temporary and seasonal staff as well as assessment associations and suppliers though having the required talents and skills have to ties or commitment to Edexcel which brings us to the next condition for resource to be imperfect imitability and non-substitutable. Barney 's model on the inimitability of resources according to Wright et al (1999) refers to particular historical events and situations that have shaped the firms practices, culture and policies into unidentifiable casual sources of competitive advantage and unique social relations that cannot be duplicated i.e. team production or working. Barney (1991) as suggested that true sustainable competitive advantage is more likely developed than planned. This makes it unlikely for well-developed human resources to be duplicated. There is the need to build a strategic management process of intelligent, proactive leadership in organisations, stimulating learning process and encouraging innovation. The aim is for both top management and other organisational levels to play roles, which increase strategic process capability. Edexcel as a training and development commitment strategy to grow the human resources of the business through investments in financial and practical ways in order to gain a competitive advantage. Training and development of staff must tangibly align with business needs and is influenced by three key issues: Edexcels medium and long term goals which consist of its mission, vision, values and development of its core competence; Edxcel's key objectives; and problems and issues that always need responding to. ...read more.


3.0 CONCLUSION The empirical linkage of Strategic HRM to organisation goals is still an ongoing debate. This essay as attempted to audit Edexcel foundations against the resourced based view of the firm. The RBV as its own limitation as Kamoche as so clearly put it, "the full value of this synthesis is realisable if human resource competencies are aligned with the firms core competencies, which requires the firm to identify unambiguously its core competencies and strategic business activities". Moreover some writers have argued that human resource alone is not enough for a firm to achieve competitive advantage, other areas such as technology must be developed as well in an ever changing technology advancing environment. For Edexcel a move from a paper policy to a more practical and consistent strategic intent of ensuring that a value added approach to people management is achieved. . REFERENCE Barney, J.B (1991). Firm Resources and Sustainable Competitive Advantage. Journal of Management, 17, 99-120. Boxall, P. (1996). The Strategic HRM Debate and the Resource-Based View of the Firm. Human Resource Management Journal, vol.6 (3), 59-75 Johnson, G. and Scholes, K. (1999). Exploring Corporate Strategy. Prentice Hall. Legge, K. (1995) Human Resource Management. Macmillan Mabey, C., Salamaan, G & Storey, J. (1998). Strategic Human Resource management. A strategic introduction. Blackwell Prahalad, C.K. and Hamel, G. (1990). The Core Competence of the Corporation. Harvard Business Review, 90. Schuler, R.S and Jackson, S.E. (1999) Strategic Human Resource management. Blackwell Smircich, L. (1983) Concepts of Culture and Organisational Analysis. Administration Science Quarterly, vol.28, 339-358. 2 ...read more.

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