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An example of a personal development plan

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CASE STUDIES IN BUSINESS 2 AMANDA ROBINSON 03/1366 LECTURER DR ADRIAN LAVERCOMBE SUBMISSION DATE 21 APRIL 2004 PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN TERMS OF REFERENCE This report has been requested by Dr Adrian Lavercombe as part of my continual assessment in the module Case Studies in Business 2. This Personal Development Plan is to be submitted no later that 21 April 2004, and it is a follow on from my initial PDP, which was submitted on the 5 November 2003, and my second PDP, which was submitted on the 17 December 2003. In this PDP I will discuss how realistic my previous PDP's were. I will also discuss my good attributes and how I feel they have developed further, and I will analyse what improvement, if any, on my not so good attributes has occurred. Also included will be a discussion on any further development I feel I need to undertake. ***** With regards to my two previous PDP's, my development plans have not been as realistic as I had anticipated. This has been due to a number of factors including my daughter's ill health and the intense workload university studies bring. ***** GOOD ATTRIBUTES My ability to work to deadlines still remains consistent. I am very aware of all outstanding work, and although university studies, as opposed to college studies, have increased my workload substantially, I have still managed to maintain this achievement. ...read more.


With my increased workload I have not been able to devote adequate time to self-study. As for Power Point, I have also made some progress in my understanding of this application. Module knowledge - As I wish to have a career in marketing I need to develop my knowledge and understanding of marketing practices. In the course of achieving my degree in marketing, I must partake in other modules that are of no interest to me. However, I do understand other skills learned in these modules will make me a more rounded potential employee and enhance my employability. As I have progressed throughout the year naturally my knowledge of modules currently studied has improved immensely, and I now feel more confident about my work and am fully aware of what workload is expected. Impatient - I tend to be very impatient. When I want something done, I want it done right away, with no excuse important enough as to why something was not done. I also feel my tolerance levels have been pushed to the limits, hence not much improvement here. However, in my defence this problem has been made worse by some group members I feel deliberately not pulling their weight in the hope, or rather the knowledge, that I will do any outstanding work. Maybe by taking on the extra work is another not so good attribute but this is something I have to overcome as I am not prepared to fail a module by some other group members laziness. ...read more.


I also feel that my studies and interaction with my peers will improve my ability to deal with issues that may arise in a more productive, professional manner, without any ill feeling being felt. I feel my good attributes, ability to work to deadlines, being an effective time manager, and effective team member have all improved during my studies. I will still have to work to deadlines. As many of the modules at university require teamwork projects, I will be able to enhance my team working skills further. However, I do feel I get over involved in projects and perhaps I should take a more following role and let others within the team develop their leadership skills as well. As for not clearly seeing goals and objectives I feel this will improve as my education level improves. I need to communicate effectively what difficulties I am having to lecturers, and also I have to concentrate on breaking information down into manageable chunks for me to understand. CONCLUSION This third PDP has reflected over my previous two, and I have discussed how I feel I have developed and what else I have to do to develop my skills further. Simply by highlighting my not so good attributes this has made me fully aware of them, and this has enable me to deal with these problem areas. I can only hope that by the end of this year at university my peers and team members can see changes in me for the better and some development has actually occurred. ...read more.

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