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Analysis of Agora supermarkets of Bangladesh and the potential for online marketing.

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REPORT ON AGORA SUPERSHOP ONLINE SHOPPING Submitted to: Md. Salim Bhuiyan Course Teacher Management & Organizational Behavior Submitted by: Date: September 09, 2011 UNITED INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF BUSINESS September 09, 2011 Md. Salim Bhuiyan United International University House # 80, Road # 8/A Satmasjid Road, Dhanmondi Dhaka-1209. Dear Sir We, the student of MBA department are eager to transmit our report on "A decision which will bring significant changes in our organization and its Justification & Implementation" as a requirement for the course of MGT 506 Management & Organizational Behavior. We would like to inform you that we took great pleasure in preparing this assignment. We have worked hard, concentrated on our work and tried our level best to prepare this assignment. We have gained a lot of knowledge while preparing this assignment and enjoyed it. We tried to submit the assignment within specific time period and we apologize for any possible mistake. We would like to thank you for your valuable guidance in this regard. Yours' sincerely, Table of Contents Executive Summary Background 4 Decisions and objectives 5 Introduction 6 Marketing Strategy of Agora 7 Reasons & Justification 9 SWOT analysis 11 Feasibility Analysis 12 Implementation of the Decision 14 Action plan 15 Conclusion 17 References 18 Executive Summary Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and over populated day by day. It is now very difficult to move one place to another within short time. All streets are faced traffic jam in business hour. No one can able to maintain their daily routine perfectly. One of the most important tasks of our daily life is to purchase our daily commodity from local market. But all the local markets are full of hassle and harmful environment. To provide hassle free shopping in a peaceful environment the concept of super store was came before ten years ago in Bangladesh. Now it is very popular to upper class as well as middle class family to buy their daily commodities from these super stores. ...read more.


for Tk.50.00 compared with local Music Stores selling the same for around Tk. 70.00. "Retailing services" - Agora has taken the lead in its sector in expanding into areas like dairy and utilities. It usually enters into joint ventures with major players in these sectors, contributing its customer base and brand strength to the partnership. Other supermarkets in Dhaka have done some of the same things, but Agora has generally implemented them more effectively, and thus made most profit. Super Stores in Bangladesh There have about 30 Super Store in Bangladesh now with 5 largest shops like Shwapno, Agora, Nandan, Meena Bazar, and PQS. The annual turnover of the superstores stands at around Tk 15.0 billion (1500 crore) in 2009, according to Bangladesh Supermarket Owners Association (BSOA). With a strong 15-20 per cent annual sales growth, about 30 companies with more than 200 outlets have already made foray into the industry. Hassle-free shopping environment, hygienic commodities, fresh vegetables, meat and fish at the supermarkets are earning appreciation of the customers. A rise in organized retailing would offer the consumers hygienic foods at competitive prices, compared to those offered by retailers in the kitchen markets, where commodities are sold mostly in unhygienic condition. According to operators, more than 600 chain retail outlets are expected to be set up in the next five years in an attempt to attract more customers. Reasons & Justification of Online Shopping It is now easier for business organization to cross borders and compete internationally for globalization and it helps to increase competition in the marketplace. As increasing of competition organizations constantly try to increase their productivity and decrease their costs. One of the ways for them to achieve is using information technology. Internet technology holds the potential to fundamentally change in every production, retail and service sector. To provide a high accessibility of service we will design the online shopping website, so that potential customers need not go to a physical shop to buy products or services. ...read more.


That's why we want to launch our own payment card called "Agora Shopping card". We provide this card to our customer with no extra charges or yearly fees. Customer can enjoy the freedom of online shopping. They do not have to have a bank account or any type of bank cards to get a Agora Shopping card of their own. Customer can deposit money to their card through our physical outlet. Once they deposit they can buy products by this card. Suppose, a customer deposit TK.10000 in his card. So he will be able to buy product amount of TK.10000 at anytime from anywhere through this card. He can recharge his card again and again. Characteristics of this card will be: Secure * Levels of security (Card, Pin and Memorable word) * Agora Shopping card hologram for anti-piracy Fast * Online Payment within minuet's * Instant reload Convenient * No need to carry any more cash * Enjoy shopping from home Conclusion Though there have some super stores with better environment but people have to spend more valuable time on streets because of traffic jam and also crowd in those super stores. So there has created an opportunity of online shopping in Bangladesh now. The requirement for online shopping is availability of internet and basic knowledge of computer. Educated people are now more adaptable with internet and they are already connected with online services like online banking and many more. As Agora has a large chain of retail shop we can easily turn into online shopping to provide customer hassle free shopping by saving their time. Nowadays, customers are used to self-service options, which are more convenient and fast. In the develop countries like Bangladesh the advent and use of the Internet has changed the daily activities of most people, especially in shopping. The popularity of online shopping services is increasing in recent years. So we think our decision will be able make a market for online shopping in Bangladesh and we will be the first and leading online super shop in Bangladesh. ...read more.

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