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Analysis of Communication Channels

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Analysis of Communication Channels By Cancle Tunstall The CEO of SWC has recently hired me to analysis its current communication channels, communication delays, team development strategies, and offer solutions to any problems found. Communications, accurate information and team development are critical for the success of this organization. Without attention to these details, projects will be delayed, customer service will suffer and team confidence will be degraded to the point that there will be an increase of "finger pointing" and "back stabbing" for failures that occur. Upon study, my team and I found that there is a breakdown in communications to and from overseas operations. Different time zones, languages barriers, cultural differences and technology compatibility are all issues that must be addressed. Coping with time zone differences can be challenging, but through email, voicemail, faxing, and video conferencing these challenges can be minimized. This will give us a fair degree of communication globally. We must be proactive instead of reactive when dealing with time zone issues. Projects managers should be on call 24/7 to handle any problems that might arise and needs immediate attention both domestically and internationally. Information is not always received in a timely manner; it is often not accurate or comprehensive and many times the sending and receiving of information is not convenient for sender or receiver. ...read more.


During oral communications always, remember to speak slowly and ask the person you are communicating with to repeat any information that you did not completely understand. Communication is affected by cultural differences. In some countries, plural verbs are used for plural noun. If you do not know this, you would think the author of the dialog has poor grammar skills or you might even view this person as lacking education and question the creditability of that person as being a viable source of information. Cross-cultural exchanges must start by creating a common ground. Once this common ground has been established, it is possible for people to discuss things in a common way. Find the common ground and people will bond despite their cultural differences. Once this bond is establish, trust begins to intercede and when you have trust and respect for one another the first stage of effective communication has begun (Daniels, 2003). The compatibility of technology is very important for SWC to effectively communicate with subordinates in different countries. All affiliates will be connected to the corporation electronically. They will have access to the same email, LAN applications, phones, fax, and videoconferencing capabilities that the corporation has. ...read more.


The last stage in the "adjourning" stage, where team members are finishing project and preparing to disband. It is important to point out, as the team move from one stage to another can and often moves back to an earlier stage. Virtual teams comes from different geographic or organizational locations that use a combination of telecommunications and information technologies to come together to accomplish a common goal but rarely meet face-to-face. Horizontal communication between staff on the same level, such as between managers, general manager, etc, would take place in the form of virtual meeting, memos, emails. The virtual team's focus should be on total customer satisfaction, taking ownership of problems, innovation, commitment to a shared vision and provide supportive teamwork. There are advantage and disadvantages to virtual teams. The advantages are more information and knowledge can be shared among the team. They tend to generate more alternatives and offer a higher quality of decision making than traditional teams. The disadvantages are it takes longer to reach solution in many cases. Members may suppress disagreement more often, thus leading to a more explosive situation in the future and a few individuals may dominate the virtual team. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages and a global origination must exploit the advantages that virtual teams have to offer. ...read more.

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