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Analysis of HR function and recommendations

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IDENTIFICATION OF THE TASK: This report presents an in-depth investigation into Allianz's organisational structure, its business sector, size and how the HR function fits within the organisation. HR roles and its areas of responsibility will be analysed indicating whether Allianz meets these responsibilities. Recommendations will also be proposed to address areas where the HR function needs to improve. APPROACH TO THE PROBLEM OR TASK: Discussions with the HR Manager will enable to understand the HR function and how it fits into Allianz. Research information to complete this report will be gained from academic literature, company website, intranet, staff handbook, corporate plan, financial and management reports. BACKGROUND TO THE ORGANISATION: Allianz Group is a global financial services provider offering clients a wide range of insurance and finance products under strong well-known brands. In the UK, Allianz Insurance plc is a private limited company and is one of the largest and best known insurers with an operating profit of �4 billion. It comprises of several trading divisions and for this report its trading division, Retail Animal Health (RAH) will be discussed. RAH currently employes over 300 staff and provides pet insurance under the brand name Petplan with a gross written premium of �177 million for 2007 (Allianz, 2008). ...read more.


Policies are regulated and put in place to meet statutory requirements and then rolled out across the HR departments in the different trading divisions. HR works with management in redesigning the organisation to maximize its effectiveness to the business. � Recruitment and selection of staff of the right calibre HR assists departments in the recruitment and selection process ensuring they comply with best practice and statutory regulations. This includes interviewing, job descriptions, advertising, tests, and referencing. � Health, Safety/Welfare/Employee Services - improving quality of working life HR uses external companies to provide health, safety and welfare activities and employee services such as counseling via the employee assistant programme, occupational health services, VDU eye care vouchers, pension scheme, flexible and affinity staff benefits. HR also organises Christmas/retirement parties and staff well being days. � Remuneration/pay administration/queries HR provides payroll which is based at head office with all remuneration data that includes P45/P46, bank details for new starters and sick pay calculations before payroll deadline for employees to be paid on time. All inputting of employee's details and changes to the HR database are done by payroll. ...read more.


As argued by Ulrich (1998, cited in Marchington & Wilkinson, 2005, p 134) "improving efficiency will build HR's credibility which, in turn, will open the door for it to become a partner in executing strategy". HR should be more involved in recruitment and should not just assist departments in recruitment and selection activities. The current recruitment and selection methods need to be evaluated as staff turnover statistics reveal failure in bringing in the right calibre of people in the call centre. RECOMMENDATIONS The above investigation has highlighted the following recommendations to improve the HR function. 1) Integrated electronic filing system Moving towards a paperless filing system by having an integrated electronic staff filing system linked to the HR database will reduce time, costs and duplication of record keeping. Electronic staff folders for each individual can be created on the computer and additional employee documents can be scanned and saved on the employee's electronic files. 2) Delivering regular HR workshops and coaching sessions Due to limited resources in the department, currently this is not feasible. Authorisation for an additional part-time staff needs to be gained for the team to deliver regular HR workshops and coaching sessions. ...read more.

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