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appeal and importance of visitor attractions

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Unit 18: the Appeal and importance of UK Visitor Attractions Suits You With this assignment I will be concentrating on 2 different types of attractions one built and one natural. Built - Alton Towers Natural - City of Caves Nottingham I will be looking at these two attractions to see how they appeal to 3 different types of customers, these are:- * A family of inbound tourists, with children of 12 and 14 years old, from Spain * A corporate visitor who wants to organise a visit which incorporates entertainment and a meal for a group of 14 clients. * A Wheelchair user who is visiting the UK for a couple of days with a friend. Alton Towers A family of Inbound tourists, with children of 12 and 14 years old, from Spain:- Location The location of this attraction is ideal as there are plenty of towns and villages around and also this is not far from a few airports. It is close by Manchester so if they flew in to Manchester Airport then this attraction would be ideal. Opening Times The opening times for this attraction are limited due to time of the year. The attraction is closed from November to March. But the theme park does open for special events such as Halloween or closure of rides. On the other hand when the theme park is open through the rest of the year then the opening times would be: Opens at 10am the closes depending what day and what events are on. Transport Links The transport links for Alton Towers is quite good. The closest train stations are Stafford and Uttoxeter; there are regular bus services from these train stations to the theme park. Also National Rail put on a coach trip to the theme park. ...read more.


A wheelchair user who is visiting Manchester and its outskirts for a couple of days with a friend Location For this group the park is situated quite well. It is easy to find and easily accessible. Opening times The opening times again are suitable for wheelchair users. It opens at 10 this gives the person plenty of time to sort themselves out and get to the theme park. Transport links As before the transport links are good, but may not be suitable for a person in a wheel chair as if they go on a train then they would have to mess about at the train stations also on the train getting on and off them, also there are facilities at the train station to help them but it would still mean to mess about.. So the best thing for them to do is either a coach (if possible) or driving there. Products and services specific to their needs They have disabled parking available. Instead of messing about with your wheelchair when you are there you can hire a wheel chair from the theme park at �20 refundable deposit, but limited available so always best to book in advance. There are lifts to all floors of all the hotels, shops, and restaurant and games rooms. Special access to the spas. If you provide proof of disability then you can also be eligible for a wristband that helps when queuing, you will not have to wait in the standard queue. All toilets around park have at least 1 accessible toilet for disabled people. Cost of Visiting Prices are shown below for the different parts of the theme park:- Attraction Price Theme Park On the day - �18 By phone - �15 Online 1 day - �14 Online 2 days - ...read more.


This could improve on their custom as more people would notice this instead of not going near it. Also as for the length of the tour it could have been made a bit longer with more different years included in this. For Adults: They could improve to attract more for adults by offering a bit more then just a rock gift shop. They could arrange to have more seating around and maybe make the tour a bit longer. As for the interpretation techniques they could advertise a bit more e.g. posters, TV adverts For Children: What they can improve on to attract children is to get some interactive screens with educational games in the reception for them to enjoy. Also maybe clothes like what they use to used when the caves was a tannery or war time shelter. With advertising maybe TV adverts, adverts in magazines, posters. For Overseas Visitors: They could attract other visitors from overseas by supplying leaflets, signs, and websites in different languages. Also getting staff in that can give the talk in the different languages. For Groups: For the groups what they could do to improve is make the tour longer and more exciting depending on their reason for the visit. For Special Interest Groups: With this group they could have TV adverts, magazines, magazines directed at archaeologists. Special needs (Special needs can be anyone from women with children to people with a hearing impairment): For this particular group a good start to improve is to offer the leaflets and signs in brail for the visually impaired. For the hearing impaired maybe a information sheet with the actors lines or maybe even the DVD of the tour with subtitles. For women with children maybe they could supply a carry system for those children who can't walk and maybe closer toilets, as their wasn't any here them. ...read more.

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