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Assessment of Burger King(TM)s Training & Development

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Assessment of Burger King's Training & Development I will now discuss the training and development factors associated at Burger King. Employee training is a vital requirement because it is a method, in which personnel's skills can be expanded and it increases motivation. Also training links to employees gaining specific skills and abilities to perform well in their jobs. Burger King is a restaurant that started out in Miami in 1954 and has grown to more than 11,500 restaurants in 72 countries worldwide. With over fifty years of experience Burger King has vastly grown in the Fast food Industry and dominates a large market share along with other Fast Food restaurants such as McDonalds, Pizza Hut and KFC. The training at Burger King can vary because it depends on the position that is being filled. As a result I have created a table below which represents the key skill areas required by staff to learn. Each member of the workforce i.e. managers and the employees (delegates) of the fast food restaurant should expect a minimum of 8-12 weeks on-job and off-job training. ...read more.


This additional programme helps to ensure that all of the employees have the finest start to Burger King as possible. I believe that by providing an induction to all new staff it allows them to see where and how they'll be working and also who their fellow employees are. By doing this efficiently it will rapidly help them to fit into the work environment. Burger King considers that all their employees will learn what they need to know by shadowing which is when they work alongside others as well as using other sources such as handbooks, company manuals etc. I think that although the current training and development system at Burger King is well organised, and gives clear indication to all of their employees what their roles and responsibilities are, the company's system stills lacks quality control checks i.e. the measurement of employees performance is not at a high standard, and there seems to be a reluctance or maybe the firm is just oblivious to fact that they need to offer the workforce more tools and opportunities for growth in their roles/careers.. ...read more.


However not all companies are willing to divulge information or details about their methods of practice, nonetheless if successful benchmarking is employed then there definitely will be improved quality performance in all sectors of Burger King, and therefore improving customer satisfaction. On the whole I believe that the procedures that Burger King is using to train and develop their managers and employees, such as Right Track/Induction programmes and shadowing are effective in a number ways, yet still if Burger King want to make sure that the current employees stay on for a longer period, it could be constructive for them to do utilize the training methods mentioned previously and other techniques, for example staff training weekends away. This will help build up team skills and allow the workforce to interact with staff members from other areas, who they do not usually communicate with. Also by having these bonding sessions it enables the workforce to realise the philosophy and importance of team work. This strategy will help Burger King immensely, because once the employees practice working more collectively then the results will be very welcoming for the company. The reason being the teamwork concept brings together different skills and expertise all employees, in order to resolve minor or complex issues. ...read more.

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