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Balfour Beatty. The purpose of this report is to identify and select a UK construction company and, using information readily available in the public domain, review the companys current business performance and its ability to meet the demands of the bu

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Contents Page: 1 Introduction 2 2 Business Environment 4 2.1 Band Analysis 5 2.2 Geographical Breakdown 6 2.3 Pest Analysis 6 3 Current Strategy 7 3.1 SWOT Analysis 7 3.2 Marketing Mix - 4P's Analysis 8 3.3 The 4 A's Analysis 8 3.4 Porters 5 forces of Competitiveness Analysis 9 4 Business Plan/Strategy 11 4.1 Ansoff Matrix 11 4.2 The Boston Matrix 12 5 Financial Implications 14 5.1 Ratio Analysis: 14 5.1.1 Performance/Profitability Analysis 14 5.1.2 Corporate Liquidity Ratios 16 5.1.3 Financial Strength Ratios 18 6 Executive Summary 19 8 Appendices 21 Appendix 1: 22 Appendix 2: 24 Appendix 3: 26 Appendix 4: 27 Appendix 5: 28 Appendix 6: 30 Appendix 7: 31 Appendix 8: 33 Appendix 9: 34 Appendix 10: 35 Appendix 11 40 1 Introduction The purpose of this report is to identify and select a UK construction company and, using information readily available in the public domain, review the company's current business performance and its ability to meet the demands of the business environment over the next five years. The report will: 1. Review the various elements of the company's business environment; 2. Using the appropriate techniques discusses key factors in the company's business and evaluate the current strategy; 3. Proposes a business plan and strategy for increasing the level of it business; and, 4. What are the financial implications of the suggested strategy? Balfour Beatty was founded in 1909 by a Scottish Mechanical Engineer called George Balfour and an English Chartered Accountant called Andrew Beatty. Initially it set itself out as a 'General and electrical engineers, contractors, operating managers for tramways, railways and lighting properties and for the promoting of new enterprises' and then expanded into Civil Engineering. Balfour Beatty began tendering for jobs worldwide, and in 1924 landed its first international project in East Africa. A hundred years on from when it was first established Balfour Beatty is now the 19th largest construction company in the world, and the largest in the UK. ...read more.


Social - These factors vary heavily in different countries, for Balfour it is important to respect and adhere to the cultures of several countries. - With the economy in turmoil, consumers haven't got as much to spend. Their spending limits the amount also spent on leisure activities therefore many government proposals (i.e. Leisure centres, shopping centres etc) are either reduced or stopped. Therefore reducing the number of jobs for construction companies like Balfour. Technological - It is essential for Balfour to be up to date with technology, as it saves time and money. New, advanced technologies not only save time and money but can increase profit. - New or advanced technologies also help Balfour to get materials from a cheaper source, yet better quality. The internet revolution allows Balfour to order and cancel materials, resources etc, much quicker than ever before. Technological advances also allow companies to outsource work internationally, potentially saving thousands if not more. Appendix 3: Table 3: Strategy & Vision We have extensive abilities and experience in many fields. We can bring our capabilities together to deliver the largest and most complex projects. We seek to attract the best people, win the most interesting and challenging projects from the best customers and develop the best relationships through our supply chain. To take our business forward, we aim to: o Grow our four businesses individually We are one of the world's leading companies in professional services. We have market-leading construction services businesses in the UK, a substantial business in the US and strong positions in Hong Kong and the Middle East, in addition to our international rail business. We have leading positions in the utilities, facilities management, highways management and rail renewals markets. We are the leader in UK PPP and its equivalent, P3, in the United States. o Capitalise on our unique integrated capability Together, our four businesses form a unique full-service infrastructure business which we are marketing and managing in an increasingly integrated way. ...read more.


2003 The year saw the retirement of the chairman, Viscount Weir. He had guided the Group through its major transformation in the late 1990s when the worldwide cables business was divested and Balfour Beatty was established as an independent public company. 2004 The announcement that Balfour Beatty was the preferred bidder for Birmingham Schools brought the number of PPP schools projects to five. The other projects were located in Stoke, Rotherham, North Lanarkshire and Nottinghamshire. 2006 By 2006 Balfour Beatty, with an established track record in airport infrastructure development, was selected by Devon County Council as preferred bidder to acquire Exeter International Airport. 2007/8 The acquisition of Centex Construction, a leading US construction management company and GMH, a major player in the US PPP military accommodation market creates a major business in the US. 2009 Balfour Beatty is now ranked 19th in the international league table of contractors. The Group is the largest fixed rail infrastructure contracting company in the world, a UK leader in roads, support services, electrical and mechanical engineering and other disciplines. Our excellent financial performance, all round strengths, clear strategy and strong cash position mean that we face the future with great confidence. 34 1 http://www.balfourbeatty.com/bby/about/history/ 2 http://www.balfourbeatty.com/bby/markets/ 3 http://www.balfourbeatty.com/bby/segments/business-intro/ 4 Building Magazine 5 http://www.balfourbeatty.com/bby/investors/shinfo/cs/ 6 The acronym PEST is used to describe a framework for the analysis of the external macro-environment 7 Pride W et al. 2006, Pg.93 8 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swot_analysis 9 Jobber, 2007, p.47 10 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marketing_mix 11 http://www.balfourbeatty.com/bby/media/publications/2007publ/ataglance07/ataglance07.pdf 12 http://tutor2u.net/business/strategy/ansoff_matrix.htm 13 http://www.marketingteacher.com/Lessons/lesson_boston_matrix.htm 14 http://www.theconstructionindex.co.uk/market-data/top-100-construction-companies/2009 15 Walsh 2006 16 Walsh 2006, Page 4 17 Walsh 2006 18 Balfour Beatty's debtor and creditors collection period taken from 'FAME' database 19 Carillion's debtor and creditors collection period taken from 'FAME' database 20 http://www.balfourbeatty.com/bby/about/structure/ 21 http://www.balfourbeatty.com/bby/about/structure/#civil 22 Gallacher 2009 23 Anon 2009 24 http://www.balfourbeatty.com/bby/about/strategy/ 25 http://www.balfourbeatty.com/bby/about/bby_1123.pdf 26 Green 2009 27 www.balfourbeatty.com 28 http://www.omegaaccountancy.co.uk/four-p-s-the-marketing-mix.html 29 Green 2009 30 http://www.balfourbeatty.com/bby/contactus/ 31 http://www.contractjournal.com/Articles/2008/01/17/58182/top-100-construction-companies-2007.html 32 http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newTMC_08.htm / http://www.learnmarketing.net/ansoffs.htm 33 http://www.theconstructionindex.co.uk/market-data/top-100-construction-companies/2009 34 http://www.balfourbeatty.com/bby/about/history/ ?? ?? ?? ?? Corporate Management Coursework 1 Page 1 of 44 ...read more.

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