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Ben Sherman Report

Extracts from this document...


Assignment 2 : Ben Sherman 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Terms of Reference This report has been written with the purpose of providing a clear market research for Ben Sherman which would take consideration of launching standalone womenswear outlets in the UK. Insights will be shown the business environment - the fashion retail market, marketplace and competitors analysis and STP. On the other hand, strategic direction and recommendation are provided by using theoretical models. 1.2 Background information of the brand Ben Sherman has been created a great British icon over the world. and the brand communicates with consumers through music Arthur Bernard Sugarman was back to Brighton from America in 1963 and established the company named as Ben Sherman. The brand became famous for being worn by well-known musicians. One of the most successful products is the famous Oxford button-down shirt, which became very fashionable for skinheads, mods, and suedeheads. Clothing designs sometimes feature the roundel and colours of the British Royal Air Force, and more recent shirts are often identified with unusual and complex designs, and the so-called Carnaby-style of fitted shirts. Ben Sherman is now the fourth largest men's casual wear brand in the UK, with its main competitors, such as Ted Baker, French Connection and Timberland. (appendix 1) 2.0 Methodology 2.1 Secondary Research Firstly, I used search engines such as Yahoo, Google and Wikipedia for general research, which has given me a good understanding of the brand and who are its competitors. Then, I researched the womenswear marketing and retail marketing from Mintel and the Ben Sherman's official website. 2.2 Primary Research Primary research was conducted by questionnaires(appendix2) about how consumers think about the brand, and what else can be improved. I went to the Ben Sherman store in Carnaby Street. I also went to its competitors stores for observational research. Staff at Ben Sherman have given me some general information about the brand and which helped me fill in my Marketing Mix. ...read more.


- clothing featured in several electronic games * Well known for its causalwear * Has a strong British theme * has many events frequently Weaknesses * Lack of womenswear items (appendix 5) * Many fashion retail competitors in a similar selling price * No clear image of womenswear (appendix 5) Opportunities * Expansion in online market * Expansion in womenswear * Loyalty card with discount on music product and Ben Sherman items * Add some more UK-focused advertising and marketing, which may help enhance the brand's status and appeal Threats * Negative currency effects * Fast fashion : cheap * Mortgages rising * Credit crunch (observation, mintel 2007) 4.2.2 Marketing Mix 7P's Product * Ben Sherman offers a collection of formal and casual wear for men. Including shirts, suits, shoes, accessories and other items. * The flagship store in London sells an assortment of clothing. The mens department is upstairs and a ladies clothing range is located downstairs which complete with mens footwear. Price * City shirt �45 * Jacket �45 - �80 * Harrington Jacket �135 * T-Shirt from �14 People * Staff are well trained, friendly and helpful. * Staff have to wear the seasonal garments of Ben Shermn when they are working in store. Place UK * London * Manchester * Thurrock * Reading * Birmingham * Online shopping: http://www.bensherman.com International * Canada * USA * Hong Kong * Japan * Korean * Middle East * Australia [www.bensherman.com/client/index.aspx] Physical evidence * Clean atmosphere * Bright lighting for optimal view of items * New seasons shown at front of store * Open-end window display allowing consumers to see into store. * Mannequin displays situated all around the store. Process * Most of the products are made in China and sent to different Ben Sherman in the world. * Most of the products are designed by EU designers, Promotion * Online sales up to 50% off. [www.bensherman.com, 2008] 4.2.3 Product Lifecycle * The current position for the brand is at a maturity stage. ...read more.


* The first Ben Sherman womenswear standalone store will be located in Carnaby Street, which opposite of the Menwear store. * The design of womenswear will be Pop and Rock but also can reflect a British theme. * A new logo and brand name for the womenswear standalone retail store should be created. This would helps for sex identity for the brand. (e.g. Ben Sherman-Girls / Shinny Ben Sherman) * Sponsor with new artists or bands who are females. * Update online store more frequently, especially the new ranges of women's clothing. * Online digital marketing, sending invitation to current customers with their girlfriends/ friends for opening store events * Online international market, providing more designer women's clothing Strengths Weaknesses * Attract more female consumers * Widen the market * Ben Sherman can have a female orientated. * Need more money for management * May not get the good result as before * More stuff would be needed * High cost to re-create a new image Appendix 2 Questionnaires 1. Sex : ? Male 2 ? Female 18 2. Age Range ? 15 - 20 ? 21 - 25 ? 26-30 ? 30 > 7 9 4 3. Do you like listening to the music? ? YES 18 ? NO 2 If YES, what type of music do you like? ? POP ? ROCK ? R&B ? JAZZ ? others _________ 8 7 3 2 4. Do you want to be fashionable? ? YES 19 ? NO 1 5. Have you ever bought any products in Ben Sherman? ? YES 15 ? NO 5 6. Do you think Ben Sherman is a specialist in Menswear? ? YES 17 ? NO 3 7. Do you know there is a range of womenswear in Ben Sherman? ? YES 7 ? NO 13 8. What others products would you want to see Ben Sherman in-store ? ? Womenswear 10 ? Accessories 8 ? Cosmetic 0 ? Perfume 1 ? Others ________________ Ben Sherman Menswears - current advertising [www.bensherman.com, 2008] Appendix 5 Women's Spring/Summer 2008 Collection [www.bensherman. ...read more.

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