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Blackberry Case Analysis. The target market of blackberry, market structure, strategies of the competitor firm, and strategies Black berry has adopt to encounter competition in the market to maintain price competitiveness

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BLACK BERRY Black Berry Course Work [Jithendran Subramanian] [M00385695] [1597] INTRODUCTION In this course work we will be looking at the cell phone industry, specifically Blackberry. It was founded in 1984 which is head quartered in Waterloo, Ontario it controls over 55% of the US Smartphone market. The marketing strategy analyses based on dominant economic factors are the main focus of this paper and properties of the product. Economic factors play an immensely important role in the target marketing determination of any product. The target market of blackberry, market structure, strategies of the competitor firm, and strategies Black berry has adopt to encounter competition in the market to maintain price competitiveness are also a part of the discussion. To be able to evaluate the product effectively, it is essential to know and completely understand the product first. This is so because if the product is not well known and recognized, its benefits, and loop holes cannot be determine. The New Black berry Bold 9900 has updated the Black berry Bold family in a powerful way, and is driven by the amazing Black berry 7 operating system. ...read more.


In fact, mobile phones have turned into a new gadget that encompasses almost all the electronic devices from as simple as a clock, to as comnplicated as a personal computer system. Black berry is using Top-Down approach for pricing their smart phones by exploiting the market and building niches where best luxury is affordable by the elite class and merge themselves with value customers of today want. High class income groups can afford to buy the latest models of these phones, yet older versions are put up for sale on lesser prices. The additional benefit where Black berry attracts the customer is through the strategy of selling phone applications on affordable prices to retain their customers. The increase in demand of rival product, iphone, will not be an effect of increase in the prices of Black berry phones or the complimentary features like the applications or accessories of the phone will be of much threat to the company. Black berry users are very much addicted to the device and its functionality. The strategy to retain its customers is to set customer oriented prices on the substitute features of the phone. ...read more.


One of the major economic issues is recession which, in case of, Black berry has no or less effect. Recession is not a pint to ponder over for Black berrys the prices have not gone down rather their strategies have excel their profits. The demand for Black Berry devices helped Research In Motion's third-quarter market share jump of about thirty five percent (35.7 percent to be exact) over the same quarter last year-the highest jump of any vendor. With a 19 percent chunk of the market, the company now trails Nokia in second place2. CONCLUSION Conclusion No doubt, Black berry is one of the renowned companies of the world. It is likely that the launch of Black berry Bold 9900 will further the company's objectives of global expansion. However to be successful in new markets Black berry will have to be vigilant in keeping track of the external and factors by capitalizing on its internal strengths. International and domestic regions are attractive developing markets for smart phones. This will provide an incentive to Black berry to go ahead with the product launch plan extending its network in the developing countries. ...read more.

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