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Book review of 'Blink' written by Malcolm Gladwell

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  • Essay length: 1102 words
  • Submitted: 07/12/2010
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University Degree Human Resource Management

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Book review of 'Blink' written by Malcolm Gladwell


Most of us believe the more time you spend and the more information you gather, you would be better off with the decision. A person, a company or even a government collects the most possible amount of information for the most cases and take example from it for future reference. They believe this helps to build contingency planning and 'we' seem to agree with this vague idea. Nevertheless as you gather more information webs amongst your ideas expands endlessly and decisions become difficult to make. Eventually a lot of information would cause chaos. Obvious problem happens in an emergency. Slow analysis and deep thinking will cause a trouble tragedy. In this emergency occasion the first thought passing through your head might be the better answer. 'Blink' is about this snap judgement that is enormously quick and the book is proving decisions made very quickly can be every bit as good as decisions made cautiously and deliberately. This book also convinces you that our snap judgements and first impressions can be educated and controlled therefore the first impression is not a gift given magically to a fortunate few. Gladwell

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